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My pussy still tingled. I ran my fingers over the hair and gently touched inside the lips. They felt swollen and a bit tender. I pushed my finger inside. The inside felt open, still trying to adjust to it original size. .. It had started a week ago. Norman and I had gone to Al and Christy’s home for Christy’s birthday. I had a couple of drinks and started talking to Al, feeling kind of relaxed for the first time in many weeks.

Al is a nice guy and does not deserve the bitch he has for a wife. Always flirting with other men. The music was down low and Al was talking about his work as a car salesman, telling me all the little bits of gossip that are normal at any place of work. I noticed that Norman and Christy had been gone for a while. I started to [ ...continue reading "Helen" ]

The Heat

On July 11th, the temperature in downtown Willyville topped 94 degrees, a considerable jump from the high of 78 the previous day. The high pressure area that Bob Katt, the weather forcaster for TV station KNUT, had been predicting all week had finally arrived. The sun sat hot and brassy in a sky devoid of clouds. Bob Katt had predicted that the temperature would only increase for the rest of the week, at least. The heat wave had begun.

Three days later the temperature broke 100 and everybody knew the heat was here to stay. The air was hot and heavy. Those unfortunate enough to be working outside or without benefit of air conditioning groaned and cursed the sun, giver of all life and bringer of all misery.

Skin became a much more common sight as uncomfortable humans stripped down to the bare neccessities, if not farther, in search of some relief. [ ...continue reading "The Heat" ]

What Could Have Been… 5

Chapter 13

I stepped into the shower and rubbed myself against Karen’s back. She turned around, soap in hand and began scrubbing my chest. It quickly lathered and Karen spread the soapy suds over my body. I simply stood and let her do all the work of soaping my entire body, as she was enjoying it so much. Certain parts of me seemed to take her longer than others, but I didn’t mind. As she ran her slippery hands between my legs and into the crack of my ass, I flinched a little. “A little sore still?” she asked.

“Some, but it’s not bad enough that I want you to stop,” I replied. My dick was beginning to stir. Karen noticed almost immediately and began stroking its sudsy length with one hand as her other toyed with my anus, a slippery finger working itself past the anal ring.

I leaned over and [ ...continue reading "What Could Have Been… 5" ]

What Could Have Been… 4

Chapter 10

“I looked over at Randy, lying back against the edge of the hot tub, eyes closed, a satisfied grin on his face. Tse and Karen were still licking at my face, although they were licking at each other just as much. I turned toward Tse and ran my tongue over her neck. She started kissing Karen, so I ran my tongue over Karen’s neck too. Tse brought her hand up and caressed my breast. I snaked my tongue into her ear. She pinched my nipple. I bit her ear. Karen’s finger had never left my pussy and a second, then a third finger joined it. She was reaming me like a cock.

My eyes closed as I reached down and pushed her hand into me hard. I played with my labia and clit with both hands, pushing myself closer and closer to what I wanted most. I wanted to cum. [ ...continue reading "What Could Have Been… 4" ]

What Could Have Been… 3

Chapter 7

Michelle took my hand and lead me up the stairs. Her bedroom was at the back of the house overlooking the backyard. I looked out. It was getting dark. Michelle lit a candle on the dresser and sat down on the bed. “Come here,” she said.

I walked over in front of her, my cock at her eye level. She reached up with her left hand and raised it to horizontal. She leaned forward until her face was only two or three inches from it. “This is a nice looking penis, Jurgie. Not too big, not too small. Just right.” She sniffed it. “It’s been in Karen.” She sniffed again. “But not in Tse, yet.”

I was amazed at her olfactory ability. She kept examining it. “But I bet Tse had her mouth on it. She likes to suck cock.” She looked up at me. “She likes to suck pussy, too.” [ ...continue reading "What Could Have Been… 3" ]