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The Conference Ball

I once went to a conference in another part of the country. I met many people who I’d known from afar in the past. You know how it is the day before a conference starts. People hang out in the bar and the lobby. I met some friends, and noticed this tall, quiet man who was with them. We sort of watched one another as we engaged in a six-way conversation. I thought he was cute, but, then I think MOST men are. I am generally just a looker.

Finally, someone said, “Oh, Jane, this is Len Josephs.”

“Len! Wow! I’ve always wanted to meet you!” We shook hands, but wound up hugging one another. Len and I had exchanged some mail years before, and admired one another’s work. Instantly, I wanted to take him to bed. It was quite a shock because I don’t normally feel that strongly about someone seconds [ ...continue reading "The Conference Ball" ]

Cindy Does her Best Friend's Dad

It was early Saturday morning. Dan Flanagan had slept in late since his wife and daughter were away visiting his Mother-in-law for the weekend. His first big chore of the day was to clean the pool He was on his way to the back when the doorbell rang.

“Is Maureen home?” cheerfully asked the young girl at the door that he recognized as Cindy, his daughter’s girlfriend. Cindy was wearing an oversize t-shirt covering her bikini, carrying a beach towel and a tote bag.

“She is at her grandmother’s this weekend.”

“Oh, I forgot!” Cindy lied, a look of disappointment on her face.

“But you can still use the pool if you like. I was just going to run the vacuum out there.” Dan couldn’t help but feel a chill run up his spine as he spoke with the young girl. At 18, the same age as his daughter, Cindy was one of the [ ...continue reading "Cindy Does her Best Friend's Dad" ]

John and Elaine "caught"

The following is an actual true to life experence brought to you in a layman’s writing style.

My wife Elaine and I would like to share our sexual experiences with your readers. This is a second marriage for both Elaine and myself and when Elaine and I began dating we were also dating others as well. Elaine and I began sleeping together on our first date, actually we had returned to her apartment after a movie, and while I was trying to get up the nerve to try something she started rubbing my cock. Feeling its swelling she unzipped my trousers and gave me the best blow-job I’d ever had. And to make things even better she is not a spitter and swallowed every drop of my fluid.

I knew that if she would go down on me on our first date that she was also doing the same for the other [ ...continue reading "John and Elaine "caught"" ]

Open Marriage Chronicles – The Heat from Catmandou

After a year of our lifestyle, I’m still not sure whether “open marriage” is the right term. When Bill first encouraged me to date others, I found the idea appalling, but now I love this arrangement. Bill hasn’t shown any interest in involvement with another woman, so this has been a one-sided affair. What Bill gets out of these dates are the thrills of my telling about my extramarial experiences. I agreed to whatever adventures Bill might dream up as long as these were no threat to our marriage.

So a month after our vacation at the Five Roses ranch, we drove in separate cars to Catmandou, a live-entertainment club. I was wearing four-inch heels and a red satiny oriental dress, baring my back to just below the waist and slit to the thigh. I found a table in a dimly lit corner. The place was decorated with nostalgia gimmicks [ ...continue reading "Open Marriage Chronicles – The Heat from Catmandou" ]


He walked into the local library and saw that Carolee was working behind the counter. He had long noticed her and found her very attractive and she always seemed to be very cheerful.. She was always dressed in either a just above the knee dress with hosiery and high heels, or nice fitting slacks with hose and high heels. Seeing her just drove him crazy and he knew that he had to do some- thing about it today. He noticed that today she had on a green dress and light black hosiery and a pair of black pumps with 3″ heels. He waited till her area was vacant and walked up. She smiled as she always did and he said “I know I am being very forward but I would like to eat the crotch out of your pantyhose.” She said “did I hear you correctly. Did you say something [ ...continue reading "Carolee" ]