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Karen wiped the sweat from her brow, and touched the pencil to the pad. The idiots sitting at the booth could not make up their mind, and she was getting really impatient.

“Um,” the guy said. “I’m not quite… sure.” He let the last word escape from his lips as if he couldn’t decide whether or not he should even say it.

Karen had to manually force herself to prevent her foot from tapping against the hard tile floor. She rubbed her palms on her apron, as the 90 degree sweltering heat made her uncomfortable. The airconditioning was on the blink again, and every time she walked to the kitchen it was like walking through hell. Finally, the guy ordered, and she scribbled it down hurriedly, and went to fill another customer’s coffee cup. Two waitresses short, unbearable heat, and a lecherous boss were really weighing down on her. The sweat [ ...continue reading "Waitress" ]


The sun shone brightly as I entered the gate, wondering about the nature of this house call – would this be an easy policy to sell?

There were two of them, in deck chairs sunbathing in tiny bikinis, both were stunning…

I Introduced myself, awareness of their semi-nakedness, breasts pushing the thin fabric of their swimsuits, made it hard for me to concentrate on the business.

“I’m Julie.” said the dark one, with a sexy pout and slight lisp in her voice. “And I’m Vivian..” This was the blonde one, the one with the loose bikini panties, there was a wisp of blonde bush showing. I couldn’t help myself and cracked a solid hard-on, their eyes travelled down to my crotch, they smiled seductively. “Why don’t we get you a cool drink, and get you out of that silly suit?” said Vivian. “Come on inside and we’ll fit you out with a swim [ ...continue reading "Vivian" ]

The Office Visit

“Jesus, Clarissa, we can’t do this here.” Before the not to worry reassurance crossed my lips both of us heard a shaken Herman pounding his fists on a nearby keyboard. Putting two and two together Alex began laughing so uncontrollably that I found it my civic duty to silence him. Retaking appendage in mouth I began to suck it for all it was [ ...continue reading "The Office Visit" ]

Video Scenes

The huge teleconferencing room, which the hotel where I worked used to house international business meetings, had always had special appeal for me. It was painted mostly black, and had soft, grey carpeting. In the center sat a long, shiny, black conference table, surrounded by comfortable chairs. An array of television screens covered one of its huge walls, and the screens could be used to display lots of separate pictures, or to tile many images into one big picture, like a video billboard.

What I admired most of all, though, was Nick, the technician who worked the video booth and kept all the equipment in working order. Right after I started working at the hotel as a desk clerk, I began to peek into the teleconferencing room now and then, hoping to catch sight of him. He wasn’t tall, but he was fit and trim, and he moved with grace, [ ...continue reading "Video Scenes" ]

Victory Girl

“Oh, jesus christ!” Woody groaned, straining to hold himself motionless. Susan looked up through half-closed eyes at his face, contorted in desperate concentration. His eyes were shut tightly, his jaw clenched. She, too, felt poised at the brink of something momentous, something almost frighteningly powerful. His penis seemed to be lodged so deeply within her abdomen, she felt unbelievably [ ...continue reading "Victory Girl" ]