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Ken was nervous as he stood at the back of the chapel. He’d been
to other funerals, but this one would be different. The chapel
wasn’t full, but it was well filled as the soothing music ended
and Bob Fuller walked up to the casket.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Bob began, using the lid of the closed
coffin as a lectern of sorts. The low murmur of conversation
ceased. “Rick McCleary asked me to say a few words here, and so
I’m speaking to you now. I knew Rick and Anne well, but not so
well as I would have liked. As most of you know, Rick knew he
was going to die more than a year ago, and many of you know that
this last year has been harder on those of us who know Rick than
it was on him. I don’t know that I’d have the strength to take
things in the calm [ ...continue reading "Funeral" ]

For My Pretty

There you are leaning over your art desk working on your projects,
you have been hard at work all day and are looking forward to when
your boyfriend arrives. You are concentrating on a layout, when you
notice a familiar smell waft past your nose.
You feel him gently press himself against your back, not allowing
you to straighten up. He gently slips a hand up your sweater and down
under your undershirt. He begins gently rubbing your stomach with his
warm comforting hand. He is rubbing you so gently that all you can feel
is the movement of the little hairs, he is so light. While rubbing your
stomach with that hand he slowly slips his other hand down your pants.
He starts gently kneeding your buttocks with the one hand while
the other hand still gently massages your stomach. As he lovingly
squeezes your ass you realize [ ...continue reading "For My Pretty" ]

The Forest

Walking along the trail I reminisce about all that has
passed between us. Your body striding next to mine a
constant reminder of the delights that we have shared —
and will share again. Time
has been kind to us both. We are comfortable with each
other — each knowing and trusting that the other will
never betray us nor make demands that we cannot meet.
And, as that trust grew, so did the rapture, until now
… we can be together so completely that even the quiet
time is stimulating.

The forest offers so many varieties of sights and
sounds. We have sought, and found, the area where
humanity seldom traverses. The shade of the tall trees
around us prevent the suns rays from being harsh, the
air is warm. The scent of nature permeates our
nostrils. There is a freshness that makes it seem as
though we are the only two in [ ...continue reading "The Forest" ]

A True Story "The First Time"

I met Jan through a mutual friend. I was living in Springfield,
Illinois, and Jan was living in St. Paul, Minnesota. My friend was
married to Jan’s sister and kept on my case that I should date more and
find the right girl.
I was 28 at the time and had spent most of my life doing two things–
attending school and working to pay off student loans. At the time I was
one of those graduates who couldn’t find a job in my area of study (high
school math teacher) so I was working as an assistant manager at a small
men’s clothing store. Anyone who has worked retail knows that it’s a 6-
day a week job (at least) and that those in management work more. I
started at the bottom rung of the ladder, which meant lots of hours and
not much for wages–but at least it was a job.
Since I was rather [ ...continue reading "A True Story "The First Time"" ]

Night by the Fire

My head rest on his shoulder. As I look into the fireplace, the room
seems to take on a magical glow. Laying naked on a blanket, his arm around me,
the heat of the fire caresses our bodies. I can still feel the warmth of my
own cream and his semen leaking out, covering my pussy with wetness,
moistening the side of my legs and down below my vagina. I slip my hand
between my legs and begin to massage the moisture into the skin of my labia
and mons. My fingers seek more from my vagina and I place it on my abdomen,
and breast, pulling the nipples out, moistening each so they glistened with
the reflection of firelight. I want him on me, as well as in me. His eyes are
closed, and he appears to sleep. I retrieve more, and move my fingers to my
mouth tasting the moisture of our lust.

[ ...continue reading "Night by the Fire" ]


My darling Liz,

These last two years have been the greatest time of my life. I
have felt feelings that I had never experienced before, joy beyond my
wildest dreams, and the tenderest of moments I could ever hope for.

Graduation is a time for changes – the start of a whole new life.
In a few short days, I will be in a new city, starting a new job,
making a new start with a clean slate.

I am truly sorry for what I must do. I know you won’t
understand, and I don’t expect you to. But the time has come for me
to leave you, just as I leave this city, this university, this stage
in my life.

Know always that you will hold a very special place in my heart.
I will always remember you with nothing but fondness, and last night
will never be forgotten. My first love, my teacher and student in
love – [ ...continue reading "Farewell" ]

One Summer Night

While taking a hike in the fields near my summer cottage
one night, I came upon her sleeping under the stars.
She was lying on her back, fully exposed to nature with
her legs slightly apart. I paused and gazed at her loveliness
for several minutes. Quietly I kneeled down and crept close,
careful not to disturb her rest.

Taken by her charms I kissed her toes, gently. Softly, I
licked her toes, one by one. Kissed them lightly and while
she stirred, she did not awaken. Lovingly, I placed kisses
on her ankles and gently up her legs. As if she knew what
I was up to, her legs parted further but she remained asleep.
I continued moving my lips up her thighs, massaging softly with
my tongue and almost imperceptibly, saying “mm!”

As my mouth reached her pubic mound, I brushed my whiskers upon
her triangle. She moaned softly. I slipped my tongue inside
her pubic lips [ ...continue reading "One Summer Night" ]

Desert Fantasy

lt (This fantasy, along with another more “subtle” one, was
sent to me for use in the SIG on CompuServe, but the uproar
it caused when posted in the database was unbelievable
because too many thought it was to explicit. What’s your
reaction to it?)

It is afternoon in the desert when my lover and I meet. The
sun is cruel, unyielding in its effect. We can but clasp
hands as we meet; it is far too hot for any closer contact.
Yet in our eyes can be seen the passions that drive us to
this place. Words would distract; they are not employed.
Each knows the other’s fire as an extension of one’s own,
flames hotter than the desert this summer day.

As we open the door to our motel room, the sensation of chill
disorients completely. The past hours of the drive have all
but convinced us that there is nothing in this place but heat.
But just beyond [ ...continue reading "Desert Fantasy" ]


I was sitting on the bow of the boat watching the sun sink below
the horizon with its’ beautiful display of colors. As I get older, I
find myself be amazed by nature more and more every day. This sunset
was just one of the many that made me feel at peace with the world.
The waves were providing a gentle rocking motion that made my mind
start to wander.
I still could not believe that I was sitting on my sailboat in the
middle of a secluded bay watching the sunset. It all started almost a
year ago…..

I had just finished working for three days straight away from home
when my life was suddenly devastated. When I entered my home, I
realized something was terribly wrong. It was just too quiet. I went
from room to room calling out but no one answered. I know that my
wife and children [ ...continue reading "Drifter" ]

Part 2 " Dreamy"

Lying in your arms, secure, satisfied. I turn and
gently kiss you. No words are needed. We know. We
love. Our giving has been received. Our reception has
been given. We are replenished. A deep feeling of
peace enfolds us and carries us to dreamland where
there is only dreams of love [ ...continue reading "Part 2 " Dreamy"" ]