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An Incredible Affair – Electric Sex Discovery

I’ve been dying to tell someone about this. I don’t dare share it with my wife, my friends, or business associates. It’s like a Priest sinking a hole in one (apologies to those not familiar with Golf) on Sunday… Who could he tell? I’ve been married for 15 years, got kids, and have a good sex life with my wife. I fantasize about other women from time to time, but I’ve never had an affair… Before now that is…

On Thanksgiving weekend I was driving around town I own a scanner (radio), and was listening to police, fire, and medical stuff, run of the mill. Something prompted me to punch in a bank with cordless phone frequencies (programmed weeks before). I hadn’t gone two blocks when I picked up a conversation between two women talking about their sex lives. The signal faded so I stopped the car and backed up till [ ...continue reading "An Incredible Affair – Electric Sex Discovery" ]

Ebony Confessions Vol. 1

“The Black Experience.”

I recently had sex with someone other than my husband for the first time. What bothers me is that it was by far the most exciting experience of my life.

I am a forty-year-old mother of two sons. I have been married for nineteen years to a wonderful, caring and loving man.

Before we had children, Frank liked to take nude photos of me. We have a very large scrapbook of me in steamy poses from fully clothed to butt naked. That book has been hidden in the basement for years. I must admit that I have been able to maintain my figure. I may not be quite as firm as I was, but I am still a size six.

Recently, my older boy, James, who is eighteen, invited a friend, Richard, to spend the night. He is living with an aunt and uncle who are his legal guardians. Richard [ ...continue reading "Ebony Confessions Vol. 1" ]

Eat It!

My name is Maureen, and I’m taking the time to write this to help out other women who might have the same problem as myself. My dilemma was simple. I married a wonderful, secure, attractive man, whom I adore. I also adore having my pussy eaten, and unfortunately, my husband, who not normally a picky eater, stops one step short of hair pie. No matter how I cleansed myself or how much I would suck his cock, he would simply and without further discussion refuse to slide his tongue into my love nest. I have a very good girlfriend who loves to give me excellent head, although I do not consider myself a lesbian and have never gone down on her. One day, while she was munching away between my thighs, I let it slip that Ken, my husband, had never experimented with oral sex on me. Debbie was aghast, [ ...continue reading "Eat It!" ]

Devil's Triangle


Ellen and I had been in the Bahamas for 3 days when we were sitting beneath a blue and white striped sunbrella at an outdoor lounge, talking with a couple who’d allowed us to join them at the last available table.

We were attired as typical tourists: they were in swim wear; I was wearing a flat Bahamian straw hat, aloha shirt and walking shorts, and Ellen was attired in a white sundress with a broad yellow ribbon tied into a headband around her black hair. Now, as Ellen laughed at a joke, the ribbon’s long ends were flapping about in the warm breeze. It was difficult making conversation above the pounding surf and whistling wind.

Jeff, a brawny six-foot-plus with a booming voice, leaned across the table and asked, “You here in a boat?” His reddish hair was tousled by the breeze. His stunning blond wife, [ ...continue reading "Devil's Triangle" ]

Good Times with Sandy

Ted and I were college buddies, both going through the same exams, profs and (you guessed it) girls. He was always an ass man, getting his kicks from ‘bumping’ up behind chicks anywhere he could find them. In shopping malls, in elevators, in the subway, anywhere.

My thing is getting head. Anywhere, anytime is fine as long as the girl doesn’t mind. Ted and I knew of each other’s sexual preferences and became a tag team almost by accident.

Sandy was a tall and healthy brunette with big blue eyes that always seemed to be sparkling. She had a habit of wearing loose fitting oversize jerseys and faded and stitched Levi jeans. Her pants were always tight fitting even if we could see only from mid-thigh down. Always flirting with the guys, she tried to see how far the guys would go with her. Some were lucky and some were embarassed.

Somehow, we [ ...continue reading "Good Times with Sandy" ]