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I don’t understand some relationships.

The weekend after graduation is a particularly dull time for a bottle shop. Everyone that wants booze has either left town, is still nursing the worst hangover of their academic life, or is still plowing through leftover alcohol. Or has to work. Which I was.

The late afternoon sun pounded through the dirty glass of the front, what little was not covered with signs loudly proclaiming a message of, in essence, “Get Drunk! Cheap! Here.” The weather in Cambridge had been particularly lousy, especially for June, our most promising month until October. But the thunderstorms and rain showers had given way to a passably nice day. The weather was guaranteed by the owner of the shore having scheduled me for an all-day shift.

The job sucked, but the alternative was home to Lancaster, PA with my parents, a fate I would have gladly licked Mass Ave clean with [ ...continue reading "Directions" ]


It was a cold and damp night. I had just got home from work and walked in the back door when, after calling for my wife, heard the small voice of Dianne.

Dianne was the 19 year old baby sitter who watched the kids when my wife had to do any shopping or run errands. As I walked into the kitchen she was standing over the stove stirring a pot of soup.

“Hi Mr. Morrell, how was your day?” she said as she continued to stir the soup. She was standing there in a cut off tee shirt, which as she leant over the stove gave me a perfect view of her small but very pert breasts. She was also barefoot and wearing a short leather mini skirt. Seeing as how she is a very well proportioned 5’2″ blonde, she did not have the body of a 19 year old. At [ ...continue reading "Dianne" ]

A Dark and Stormy Night

As a famous author once wrote, it was a “Dark and Stormy Night” as sea coast weather can often be. It was raining very hard, even by the sea coast standards that I was used to. The rain was almost snow. I was sitting in my car at the deserted ferry terminal. It was Thursday, and no ferrys docked at this terminal this evening.

I remember the first time I met her. She worked at a car rental agency at the airport. I had reason to be in the terminal most every night and we struck up a casual conversation. This went on for several months. She was about 5’8″, 145 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. Her figure was shapely, and her breasts small but very attractive. Because of her job, she dressed conservatively, but there was a very sexy quality about her. Occasionally her blouse would gap a bit [ ...continue reading "A Dark and Stormy Night" ]

Captain X (2)

Chapter 2 : Los Angeles

[ The characters in this work are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons either living or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains language and scenes of an adult nature that might offend certain people. If that's you then don't read it. ]

Michele removed her hand from the front of her panties with a start as she realized that the cockpit door had been opened. It was all right, it was only Rick returning from a trip to the head. The skipper was still taking a nap. Rick stretched, feeling the muscles of his spine crackle deliciously as he arched his back. He let out a groan as the tension was released, then slid into his seat behind Michele. Michele smiled inwardly at the groan. She had heard the same groans coming from Rick the night before as he had emptied his load deep into [ ...continue reading "Captain X (2)" ]

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

James Hunter regarded his nails as he glanced at the shop door from time to time to reassure himself that there were no customers to catch him doing his manicure. His job required his appearance to be impeckable; the clientel he dealt with was the vain part of the upper class. It was unusual for him to arrive at work with dirty fingernails, but he had spent the night with his date in the most delightful manner, causing him to sleep to long and barely reporting in time for today’s work. But it had been worth it, every minute of it, he said to himself. As he thought of the pleasures of the previous night, the door bell suddenly tingled. Quickly, he straightened himself and prepared his “The-customer-is-always-right”-smile, as an elderly man stepped into the shop. “Good morning, Lord Reginald”, he said. “Yes, a damn fine one, if I do [ ...continue reading "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" ]