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She Peeks

Our company sent us to New York on business, and we were both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast. We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd floor of a large luxury hotel. We’d both been surprised when we were booked into this hotel, expecting more modest quarters.

The rooms weren’t lavish, quite the contrary, they were simple, efficient hotel rooms. In a word, dull. But the interconnecting door gave me some ideas, and I hoped Julie was of the same mind. We settled into our rooms and I’d just cleaned up a bit when there was a light knock on the door between our rooms. I opened the door and Julie suggested we find an early dinner somewhere nearby, and perhaps [ ...continue reading "She Peeks" ]

Santa's Lap

Well, as of Christmas I’m back on unemployment again. For the last six weeks I’ve been working as a photographer in the Santa’s House at the local mall. While the 16 year old elves giggled and were gawked at by the leering 40-ish bachelor types, and Santa sat in his comfy chair, smiling, nodding, and ignoring the brats in his lap, I stood all day, dealt with parents who expected high art in a free photo, and basically did all the work in the place. For six bucks an hour. Out of the entire month and a half, only one day made it worth my while.

The mall manager had thought it would be a cute idea to dress me up as Mrs. Claus, which meant my long brown hair had to me knotted up under a large poof of fake gray hair. One of the stores donated a large, [ ...continue reading "Santa's Lap" ]


I am a plain looking guy in the early twenties. A lot of girls think that I look alright and I’ve gotten my share of pussy in the past 10 years of fucking chicks. But the one fuck I am about to tell you probably takes the cake for me.

I work at a computer store and I see a lot of nice looking secretaries picking up software for their bosses. One of them in particular has the hots for me. Every time Christie came in, she would wear the shortest skirt within standards of company policies and the lowest cut dresses, showing both her shapely legs and her grapefruit boobs.

One warm morning Christie came into the store to pick up some blank diskettes for her boss. She came into the air conditioned room and walked with her tight pink dress swaying to her steps. By the time she got [ ...continue reading "Salesman" ]

Repair Man

Sleepily, she walked to answer the door. “Dishwasher Repair Man” said the voice on the other side of the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw a good-looking man in his mid-30′s. He smiled through the peep hole. God it’s early, she thought as she unlocked the door to let him in. She had thrown a robe over her nude body. She hadn’t even had coffee. “Come in,” she said. “Do you know what time it is?” “Nine a.m.” he said as his eyes moved to her long legs. Although she was barefoot, she was a good three or four inches taller than the repair man. “Would you like a cup of coffee” she asked. “Not right now — maybe later.” She directed him to the dishwasher, poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table across from him. As the man worked she noticed [ ...continue reading "Repair Man" ]

Paying the Rent

By my junior year in college, I had to live off campus. On campus housing was not guaranteed past the sophomore year and I had failed to win a dorm room in the lottery. Despite having a half scholarship, student loans (I was so broke I qualified for everything!) and two part time jobs (I was a waitress at a college hang out and cashiered at a shoe store), I could not afford an apartment. I found a family that was renting out a room near campus. They live in a slightly run down area and were apparently just making ends meet themselves. But the price was right, $100.00 a month. I had to share a bathroom and eat on campus but it was livable. I figured I would be at school or work most of the time anyway so I would only be using it to sleep.

The couple, Bob [ ...continue reading "Paying the Rent" ]