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Monica and the Delivery Boy

I know that you have to be careful when you live in a small town. The gossip mill runs at high speed in most small towns and it pays to be very discrete most of the time. Still I found it very hard to resist making Monica tease the delivery boys who came to the house from time to time. When it comes to teasing, noone is any better than my Monica, and she has a special talent when it comes to teasing horny young teenagers.

I’m sure some of it has to do with how much she enjoys cock- sucking and the feel and taste of warm cum shooting into her mouth. I know that its their nature to get hard quickly and that it usually doesn’t take long for them to squirt either, but when Monica is helping those young guys its like watching an artist at work. At first I’d just make sure that she was the one that went to the door. She’s a little bitty thing, cute as a button, and doesn’t look to be 29. Even if she’s dressed conservatively she gets lots of second looks from men, but when she’s wearing something pretty sexy, watch out! I’d hear the guys stammer when they talked to her at the door. She was always very friendly, but not overly so. Still she had an effect on them.

Then I began making sure that she was wearing something sexy when we were expecting a delivery boy to come. As time went on, “something sexy” became more and more revealing, and the more of her little body she showed them the more excited they became. The guys loved it, Monica loved it, and I got quite a charge out of knowing she was turning them on so much. Besides, she was always a good fuck after a delivery boy had been to the house.

There was this one guy named Jeremy who really seemed to get off on Monica’s flirting, and she unquestionably enjoyed turning him on the most. He was a handsome young man, about 6’1″ and somewhere around 175 lbs. He delivered for the Chinese restaurant and we seemed to be eating more and more Chinese food after he started making the deliveries.

Finally I decided I’d just turn Monica loose on Jeremy and see what happened. The next time we ordered from the Chinese restaurant, I had Monica dress for the occasion. She had a very sheer black nightgown that was floor length, but which was slit up one leg in front nearly all the way to her hip. It was held up by tiny little spaghetti straps and was low cut enough to be very sexy. Under it I had her wear a black garter belt with her matching black g-string panties over it and her black seamed stockings. She also wore a pair of black pumps with very high heels.

As I looked her over in the outfit, I found that Jeremy would easily be able to see her garter belt and the tops of her stockings and the tiny panties through the sheer fabric. The bodice of the gown was embroidered where her nipples were and it was difficult to see them, but the slit opened with just the slightest movement to reveal her leg all the way to the top of the garter belt on the left leg. It was perfect. Just before time for him to arrive with our food I spoke to Monica about what I wanted her to do.

“Monica, I know that you find Jeremy exciting. I also know that he nearly pops his zipper every time he comes to our house. So for you to wear what you’re wearing, knowing that he will see you so intimately is going to be extremely exciting for you. You’ll see his eyes roam over your body, boring through the sheer fabric and you’ll watch the bulge in his jeans grow larger and larger. Then your little pussy will get wetter and wetter and you’ll wonder if he can tell how wet and hot to fuck you are.”

“I’m not sure how well Jeremy is going to be able to handle himself when he sees you in this outfit. He may spill all his juice in his shorts and stain his jeans just at the first glimpse of you. If so he may become very embarassed and try to leave quickly. If that happens then I want you to make sure that he is reassured and doesn’t feel he has anything to be embarassed about.”

“Then again he may handle it all very cooly until he goes back out to the van, planning on jerking himself off like crazy on the way back to the restaurant. We don’t want that to happen either if you can prevent it, and if you can’t I don’t know any woman alive who could. Before he leaves tonight I want you to take his cum in at least one of your holes. If he comes prematurely, then you get him hard again before you let him get away, but make sure that you get some of his fuck in you somewhere. Do you understand?”

Monica trembled slightly at what I was asking her to do, and rubbing her crotch lightly through the gown she replied, “Yes, I understand exactly. You want me to do whatever is necessary to get him to shoot his cum into me…right?”

“Thats exactly right! Now…reach into your panties and get some juice on your fingers and dab a little bit behind each ear. There’s nothing like the smell of cunt juice to get a guy’s blood flowing in the right direction”, I said.

She was dabbing her sweet smelling fuck juices behind her left ear when the doorbell rang. I glanced out the bedroom window and saw the delivery truck in the driveway and Jeremy standing on the front porch.

“Good, he’s here! I’ll be just inside the hall where I can hear every word. As soon as you can, get him turned around with his back to me so I can watch. When you’ve accomplished that, I want you to say, “Oh, Jeremy, you’re so tall!”, and then I’ll know that its ok for me to watch. Now…go get the door, precious little slut.”

I positioned myself where I could not only hear them, but so that I could step around the corner and watch what was happening. I felt a rush of air as the door opened and new that the wind would be whipping at the slit in the gown and immediately revealing lots of leg to the young boy.

“Hi!, Jeremy!”, Monica exclaimed with obvious delight. “Come in out of the wind…gee, its really blowing out there tonight!” I heard the door shut as Monica continued. “Oh, Jeremy, you’ve gotten so tall! How old are you now?”, she asked.

Hearing the code words I stepped out so that I could watch them in the foyer. Monica stood with her back to the door and Jeremy shifted his weight nervously from one foot to the other as he looked at her in the sexy clothes.

“I…I’m 18, Mrs. Wade…Well, I’m almost eighteen anyway, my birthday is sometime in June…I mean its the 23 of June. You…you…sure do look nice, Mrs. Wade!”, he said nervously.

“Why thank you Jeremy! I love to think that men find me appealing. Do you like my gown?”

“Yes, ma’am, its really beautiful. I’ve never seen one like it before.”

“Do you like this slit? My husband really likes that part of it, but then he is always bragging on my legs. Do you think I have pretty legs, Jeremy?”

“I’ve never seen a woman with more beautiful legs, Mrs. Wade…honest I haven’t!”, he replied hotly.

“Ohhhh, you’re so sweet!!”, Monica cooed. “Here, let me take our meals and set them on the credenza here for a moment….you deserve a big hug for saying such a nice thing about my legs!”

Monica took the two trays from him and set them down. Then moving back in front of him, she slowly slid her arms around his neck and standing on her tip-toes kissed him softly on the mouth. Not removing her arms from around his neck, she looked in his eyes and moaned, “Ohhhh, Jeremy…I’ve wanted to kiss you like that so many times before tonight. Kiss me again, please!”

Jeremy slid his arms around her waist and kissed her back harder than before. I saw Monica’s hips begin to grind slowly against his crotch as she kissed him fervently. I watched as his arms moved lower, allowing his hands to cup her tight little ass cheeks and squeeze them.

“Ohhh, I can feel your dick pressing into me, Jeremy!! Its so big and hard!! Can I touch it with my hand…please can I take it out of your jeans and touch it with my little hand?”

“Yessss, Ma’am…I’d like it if you…’d do that”, he stuttered.

Monica stepped back a bit in his arms and reached to his crotch with a smile on her face. She struggled a bit, obviously having some small problem in working the zipper down with his thick cock pressing the crotch of his jeans out as it was. She slid her hand inside and slowly worked at freeing his young but manly cock from his tight jeans.

“Its sooooo nice and warmmmmm, Jeremy…and its sooooo big and hard! I love big hard cocks so much!” She looked down at it as she rubbed her palm over the big smooth head. “Can I lick it? I’d really like to lick it, Jeremy…has a girl ever licked it for you before?”

“Ye…yesssss, ma’am….my girl licks it for me sometimes, but she doesn’t really like to much”, he confessed.

“Ohhh, she doesn’t like to? How silly…I love to lick cocks, Jeremy…I love to lick them and kiss them and suck them!!”

She knelt in front of the now very hot Jeremy and began to kiss and lick at his long thick fuck meat with her hungry mouth. He placed his hands on her head and watched the beautiful older woman loving his dick as if she hadn’t had one to love in years. She licked it’s entire length from the base to its tip so hungrily, as if she were licking a lollipop or a popsicle. Then she began concentrating on the head, licking around the rim, letting her tongue tease his hole.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Jeremy!!…I love your cock!!” she moaned and slid the thick head into her open mouth. Her head continued moving forward taking more and more of the young cock into her mouth until her lips were grazing in his pubic hair. Her head them began moving back and forth, fucking his eager cock into her mouth.

Suddenly his hips started pumping furiously and his hands grabbed her head and pulled it tightly to his crotch. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!….Gawwwwwwwd!!!!”, he gasped, as his hot cum shot out of his jerking cock into Monica’s mouth. As the first few big spurts of fuck shot out of his cock, he suddenly became aware that he was coming in her mouth, and afraid he had done the wrong thing, pulled back trying to correct his mistake. He managed to pull his cock from her lips, but his still erupting cock sprayed cum all over her face as it continued to pump his juice.

“Ohhh, Mrs. Wade!!…I’m so sorry!!!…I didn’t mean to do that, but it just felt sooooo goooood!!…I’m terribly embarassed! I know it tastes awful and now I’ve gotten it all over your face!..Please forgive me!” Poor Jeremy was really distraught.

“Hush, silly!”, Monica cooed and licked at the tip of his cock, hungrily feeding on the cum that still oozed from his softening dick. “I love the taste of sperm, Jeremy…here, watch me as I wipe your cum from my cheeks with my fingers and feed it to myself. See how I love your cum?”

“You don’t really like it do you? You’re just being nice to me, I know”, Jeremy said, still finding her delight hard to believe. Smiling at him and taking one last lick at his meat, Monica stood and said seductively, “Let me show you something, Jeremy. I want to show you my pussy and how wet it is. My pussy only gets wet when I am very excited. It never gets wet when I’m doing something I don’t want to do.”

Reaching her hand into the slit in her gown and pulling it open to expose her crotch to him, Monica leaned back against the door. She spread her legs open wider and pulled the crotch of her g-string to the side. With her free hand she pulled her lips open for the young delivery boy.

“See how wet and juicy I am, Jeremy? That should prove to you that I loved taking your cum in my mouth. Eating your sperm has made me wet and hot to fuck…thats what it has done to me. Can’t you tell?”

Jeremy had begun stroking his cock with his hand as Monica so lewdly displayed her fuck hole to him. As she had breathed the words “hot to fuck” he had begun to pump it rapidly, and before she had finished speaking he was hard as a rock once again.

“Fuck me, Jeremy…shove your hard cock into my juicy fuck hole and hump me…I want it!!!…I neeeed it!!!!”

Transfixed by the trembling slut in front of him, Jeremy slowly but purposely moved forward with his cock in his hand. Reaching out for it, Monica guided it to her open pussy and slid the head up inside her. Jeremy grabbed her hips and bending his knees began fucking his cock up into her violently, pounding her against the door. Each thrust of his hips lifted Monica off her feet as she stood on tip-toe to allow the taller boy to screw her deeply.

“Ohhhhh, Yessssss….Jeremy!!! that!!…yessss, just like that!!…fuccck meeeee!!” Wrapping her arms around his neck tightly, Monica lifted herself and slid her stockinged legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him. He continued to ram his dick into her trembling slut cunt, holding her waist in his hands and slamming her small body hard into the door as he fucked her.

I rubbed my own crotch as I watched the two of them lost in a sea of passion and lust. I was tempted to take my dick out and shoot some cum of my own, but I wanted to save it for after Jeremy had left. He pumped at her for a very long time, grunting with each thrust of his hips. Monica continued to moan and cry out with delight at the deep fucking she was receiving until finally she began gasping and grunting and her climax overcame her.

Jeremy had never known a woman to respond like this and her lusty and lewd behavior drove him to his second climax just as her body had begun to go limp from the power of her orgasm. When he had finally spilled his load into her, he relaxed his grip on her and Monica slumped back against the door weakly.

As if awakening from a dream, Jeremy looked at his watch with alarm and exclaimed, “Oh, no!! I’ve been gone for nearly 45 minutes…if I don’t hurry and get back to the restaurant Mr. Sun Ling will fire me for sure!! I really have to go…but thank you Mrs. Wade…it was wonderful!”

Monica wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and still trembling slightly took the money laying on the credenza and handed it to the young man who was now busily pushing his still semi-hard cock back into his pants.

“Thank you, Jeremy..that was very, very special!..listen..don’t say anything to anyone about what we did. If you do, I know Mr. Ling will find out and he’ll not let you deliver to my home anymore. We wouldn’t want that, would we?”

“Oh, no ma’am…I’ll not tell a soul! I hope you’ll enjoy your meal and that you’ll call again soon…you’re really a beautiful woman… Mr. Wade is a very lucky guy!..Bye and thanks!!”

I had moved back to my hiding place just before Jeremy had left, and I turned the corner once more with a big smile on my face. I held out my arms to a still weak Monica who walked slowly toward me and fell into my arms tenderly.

“MASTER…you’re a dirty ole man, you know that?”, she teased. “And I must be the luckiest little slut that ever breathed! Please don’t make me eat that food now…please take me to our bed and fuck me some more. I need a real man! I need YOU!! Please fuck me anyway you want for as long as you want…now!” She didn’t have to ask twice. —

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