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A Dark and Stormy Night

As a famous author once wrote, it was a “Dark and Stormy Night” as sea coast weather can often be. It was raining very hard, even by the sea coast standards that I was used to. The rain was almost snow. I was sitting in my car at the deserted ferry terminal. It was Thursday, and no ferrys docked at this terminal this evening.

I remember the first time I met her. She worked at a car rental agency at the airport. I had reason to be in the terminal most every night and we struck up a casual conversation. This went on for several months. She was about 5’8″, 145 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. Her figure was shapely, and her breasts small but very attractive. Because of her job, she dressed conservatively, but there was a very sexy quality about her. Occasionally her blouse would gap a bit and I would get a glimpse of her bra covered breasts. I was fascinated. She had a wonderful personality. There were many people around always so our conversation was casual.

One evening, I was dropping a co-worker at her residence and was invited in by her mother for fresh cookies. I was about to go in and received a radio call that I was needed at the airport, at the car rental counter. Well, so much for the chocolate chip cookies. Duty called. I got to the airport, about a 5 minute drive, and went in. She had some information that I had asked about. We joked around and I mentioned that as much as I needed the information, it cost me some chocolate chip cookies. We laughed about it and I went on my way.

The next evening, I received another call to the airport. I went in and there on her counter was a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. We talked a bit, over cookies and her customers and again I went on my way.

Being in a high visibility occupation, I was forced to be very cautious in my dealings with women, especially since I was married. I did get brave and wrote a note that said, simply, “Good Morning Lovely Lady,” sealed it in an envelope and secretly dropped it into her purse that sat open on the side counter. I figured that in the morning she would notice the envelope and open it.

Coming back to the present, the rain was now falling as a very wet snow, and was starting to accumulate on the windshield of my car. I had the radio on the local soft music station, and had to start the engine to generate some heat as the outside temperature was about freezing. A car’s headlights pulled into the deserted terminal, but it was just turning around.

It was a few days after the “note in the purse” incident before I saw her again. She tried to seem annoyed at my greeting, but didn’t act the part very well. I could tell she was pleased. I had to be careful about spending too much time at the airport for fear that someone would “notice.”

A couple weeks went by and my wife had a chance to fly off to a city about 700 miles away and then drive back. She would take the children. Without much thought, I encouraged her to go as I knew that she would enjoy the trip and get to see her parents. She would be gone about a week.

I was working day shift, which ended at 3pm. Saturday came along and I was off after the shift for two days. What to do with Saturday evening? There was nothing much at the theaters and even less on TV. I still had need of some information at the airport so I decided that probably a little off duty work was in order. I decided that I would call her up and see if the plane was going to be on time. My heart leapt as she answered the phone. We talked a bit and she told me that the plane was running a couple hours late so she was going to go home and feed her children and then come back as her husband was out of town. We talked a bit more and the subject of the fantastic milk shakes at the local drive-in restaurant. They were known everywhere. I said, in jest, “Why don’t I buy you one after the flight leaves.” She said “That would be great!” Boy was I surprised. We agreed that after the plane left we’d meet in the airport parking lot and go for a shake.

The next two hours were endless. I couldn’t believe that she was going to spend a little time with me. I actually paced the floor in my apartment!

The plane came and went and I didn’t get the information that I wanted. I went out to my car and she came out shortly. She was wearing a clear rain jacket, a zippered blue jean coat and grey slacks. I couldn’t see what else she had on. She suggested that we go in her car as it was less known in the area. We went over to the drive up window and got two strawberry shakes. We pulled into the parking lot like a couple of teen agers and shut off the car. We sat in the car and watched it rain while we enjoyed the shakes. She un-zipped her raincoat as it warmed up in the car. She eventually un-zipped the jeans jacket also and disclosed a sheer white blouse. The dim lighting failed to reveal the exact design, but it was very alluring. We talked well past the shakes, and I asked if she’d like to go for a ride. She said she would and would I drive? I moved to the driver seat and we headed for an ocean overlook about 20 miles away.

It was snowing harder now as my wait at the ferry terminal lenghtened. She had said about what time she’d be there but I had gotten there early. My windshield was completely snow covered, but the snow was so wet that it wasn’t sticking on the ground. I sat back. turned up the music a little and let my mind wander.

We had sat at the overlook for awhile and just talked. It had stopped raining and a few stars could be seen. Finally I just sat looking at her and she at me. I reached over and kissed her. Our tongues met and we held each other tightly. I reached inside her jacket and felt her breasts. They were fairly small but firm. She reacted immediately to my touch. The blouse covering them was silky and pleasant to the touch. I slowly un-buttoned it, one button at a time. Her bra was white, and substantial. I lowered the straps and un-hooked it. We sat and enjoyed each other for awhile and decided that this overlook was a bit too public. We drove back toward town and went up to the community college, deserted at this hour. We parked on a side road and continued our exploration of each other. She began to feel guilty and we didn’t make love that night. We sat for a long time and finally she dropped me back at my car.

The ten o’clock news came on the radio and it was now raining again, dissolving the wet snow that had been falling. A car pulled into the terminal and went slowly past. I could see that it wasn’t her, but some other lady apparently on her way to a rendezvous. She stopped at the other end of the parking area and someone got out of a car and into hers. They drove off. I watched it as the rain turned to snow again. She said she’d meet me as close to 10 o’clock as she could. The news ended and the music began again. It rained harder.

I thought back to another rainy, stormy night when I was working swing shift, which ended at 11pm. She called about 10:30pm and said that she had to be at the downtown ferry terminal to meet the 11pm ship. I told her I’d stop by. It was quiet so I got to leave a few minutes early. She was there and we got into my car and headed south out of town. We had very little time as we were both expected home. We stopped at a secluded wayside and were in each others arms immediately. I undid her blouse and front closing bra and rubbed her nipples. They became instantly hard and her breath became short and ragged. I slid her slacks down over her narrow hips and removed her bikini panties. I removed my pants and entered her. I stroked her in and out and satisfaction came to both of us almost immediately there on the front seat of my car. There wasn’t time for formality, but we had to have each other. We drove back to town and she sat very near to me. We talked about little things and each secretly hoped that this wouldn’t be the last timewe would be together.

I could see her car’s headlights coming some distance off as the snow began to fall again. She pulled up and I got into her car. We drove off and headed north. We finally pulled into a small road that lead to a private harbor, totally deserted this time of the year. We stopped in the parking area and shut off the car. We were immediately in each other’s arms. Both of us had good reasons to be away from home this evening so there was no pressing rush. I felt of her breasts thru her jacket. I could feel her arousal already. She was wearing a jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, blouse, camisole, and bra,along with heavy slacks. I commented that she was quite dressed, even considering the weather. She said that the reason was that she wanted to see me but knew we shouldn’t make love so she “covered it all up.” We slowly removed her clothing (and mine). Her bra was dainty and lacy. It was totally dark but my fingers gave me a better picture of it that I could have gotten with some light. I finally entered her and began slowly stroking my cock in and out of her warm,wet love canal. I took deep, loving strokes and I could feel her tensing up. She started to climax and just kept on the pinnacle of ecstacy as I tried to slow my own excitement. She stayed on the peak of climax for what seemed like forever. I finally couldn’t stand it any more and I shot the biggest load of cum that I had ever given into her. I continued to move in and out of her as she subsided. Finally we napped in each other’s arms as the rain fell and the wind rocked the car.

It soon became cold and we awoke and slowly dressed. We each knew that this would be the last time for us as I was being transferred as was her husband. We drove slowly back to the terminal where my car was parked and each went our separate ways. The rain was still falling as we parted and we promised each other that when we heard very hard rain on the roof, we would think of each other and to this day, I remember our Dark and Stormy Night whenever it rains.

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