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Julia’s Begging

Don’t misunderstand, I love to hear Julia beg. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, I thought she was just being submissive. But later on I realized it was sincere. I didn’t realize that until I had already punished her severely for begging for it so much, but that really didn’t make any difference to her, and especially not to me. I’d rather whip her pretty little ass than eat when I’m hungry.

She was begging to be the center of a group fuck, a really big group fuck. Now I like it when my sluts beg for dirty things like that. It excites me. But usually when push comes to shove they don’t really want a bunch of strangers shoving dicks into their holes. Thats why I didn’t pay much attention to her pleas at first. What finally opened my eyes was that party we went to, the one on New Year’s eve. Frankly I hadn’t thought much about using Julia that night. Most of the people at the party were people we knew, at least fairly well, and we generally tried to keep our sex lives a secret as far as our regular circle of friends were concerned. Oh, I made her wear some sexy clothes to the party, of course. Hell, I like for any man or woman to look at her and want to fuck her. And I know she likes it too. But I hadn’t planned on actually letting anyone have her. Not this time.

It was an attractive group of people, I must admit that. They were all mostly our age, a few younger couples and one couple that were in their fifties. Everyone was having a great time, and there was a special closeness that was very comfortable. Julia flirted with the guys, as usual, and of course I did a little flirting with the women as well. But outside of permitting her to let her skirt ride up a little higher than usual I didn’t allow her much freedom that night. Not at first, anyway.

It was when the clock struck twelve that things began to change. Its common to pass around some kisses at the start of the new year, of course, and we all enjoyed that part, me no less than anyone else. But I noticed Julia seemed to hang on quite a bit longer than the other women did when they kissed the men. The others noticed too, and began kidding her about it. She just laughed and said, “You know it!” and went back to kissing the man who was holding her at the time.

Finally she made her rounds and things returned to normal again. I was standing over by the fireplace talking to a cute little blonde when I realized that Julia wasn’t in the room any longer. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, figuring she was in the kitchen with some of the other girls getting a fresh drink, or that perhaps she had gone to the bathroom. But as time went on, even the nice set of tits the blonde had wasn’t enough to keep my curiosity from being aroused and I excused myself and began to look for her.

I found her in the den, sitting on the couch between two very handsome men, both several years younger than we are. She had obviously become quite drunk and her dress was up above the tops of her stockings as she laughed and joked with the men on either side of her. Her head was resting on the shoulder of the man to her right and she was slumped down on the couch with her legs opened slightly.

“Speaking of studs..”, she said as she saw me enter the room, “here comes my favorite stud in the whole world!”

I smiled warmly at her compliment and my smile made the two men feel a little more secure about my finding them on the couch with her.

“And you’re my favorite slut in the whole world, dear!” I said, smiling at her and winking. “But perhaps we shouldn’t be so free with our language around these guys, they might be offended by such talk.”

“Shit, they don’t care, do you guys?”, she said drunkenly. “I bet they like sluts just like you do, Master. You don’t see them pulling down this little sluts dress do you?”

Laughing, I replied that I didn’t. “No, in fact Jim here has been edging it up from time to time. He thought that I wasn’t aware he was doing it”, she said, turning her head to him and smiling broadly. Jim blushed deeply and protested, but I could tell he had in fact been doing exactly what she said. “And Mark is no less guilty”, she accused. “He’s been staring down my top ever since I pulled him down here beside me. I think we have two very horny studs here.”

“Why don’t you show them some more leg then, Julia”, I suggested evenly, with no hint of sarcasm or insincerity.

“Anything you say, boss!”, she mumbled, and setting her glass down on the coffee table raised her skirt nearly to her waist, displaying to both of the other men as well as to me the full length of her stockinged legs. “How do you like them, guys?”, she asked teasingly.

Both the young men blushed deeply, but they weren’t about to get up and leave. They loved what they saw, and they were thrilled both by her brazeness as well as my permisiveness, not to mention by her legs themselves.

“Can they see my panties, Master?”, Julia asked. “It makes me so hot when men can see my panties.”

“Sure baby, show them your panties”, I replied. She hitched the dress up even higher, holding it around her waist and sliding further down on the couch, looking down at herself. Her legs were open more widely now and her crotch was easily visible to the hungry eyes of the two men.

“Damn! I told you it made me hot! Look at the stain on the crotch of my panties. If I get much wetter I’ll start smelling. Can you smell me yet, Master?”

“No sweetie. When you start smelling I’ll have to take you home. You’re hard to control when you get that hot”, I said, smiling. “Oh, please don’t take her home!”, Jim said earnestly. “Surely there must be a spare bedroom we can take her to”, he said hopefully. “Sounds like you’ve made a hit, Julia. Jim must be thinking about fucking you. But who wouldn’t with your legs opened like that and your wet panties. Feel like doing some fucking?”

Julia let her head fall back on Mark’s shoulder and turned her head to him as she said, “I love it when he talks to me like that…God it makes me hot.”

Her hand was idly rubbing the front of her panties now. I don’t think she was even aware of what she was doing, but the two men were for sure. She was quite a sight, laying back on the couch rubbing her wet crotch through her panties.

“Dear, Mark might like to fuck you too if you’d show him some tit. Why don’t you open your dress for him?”, I suggested. He was dying to fuck her and needed no further encouragement, but I enjoy watching her tease men.

“Let him do it”, she said drunkenly. “I’ve got an itchy pussy” she said, as her fingers rubbed her wet crotch even more insistently. “And while he does, go get me another drink, Master. Make it a strong one!”

Smiling, I took the empty glass from the coffee table and went into the kitchen to fix her the requested drink. I poured four fingers of vodka into a clean highball glass and added a couple of fingers of ginger ale. Julia was making a delicious drunk slut. I was loving it, and was eager to help.

When I got back to the den I discovered that Mark had not yet unbuttoned Julia’s dress per her request. But as soon as I handed Julia the drink and she took a long deep pull at it, Mark looked at me for approval and when he received it began unbuttoning the top of her dress. Jim now had his hand on the thigh closest to him and was rubbing it gently around the top of her stocking. Julia had worn no bra per my instructions and Mark soon had her dress unbuttoned to her waist and had pulled it open to reveal Julia’s pretty breasts and her now hard nipples. When he began tweaking her nipples, Julia threw her head back and moaned loudly.

“Yessss, oh God, yes!” “It looks like they both want to fuck you, Julia. You like that don’t you, baby?”, I asked teasingly. She was now pressing a finger up into her cunt, taking the now soaking panties with it, and slowly moving her hips up and down. “You know I love it, Master.”, she said, taking another long drink from the tall glass and spilling some on her naked breasts as she did so. “I need cocks, Master. I really need them!”

The combination of her passion and the vodka was really working on her now, and her sluttishness was making three cocks stand very tall as she drunkenly moaned her desire.

Jim started to get up. “I’ll go ask about the bedroom”, he said, excitedly.

I stopped him. “Bedroom, hell. We don’t need a bedroom, we’ll just fuck her here in the den. Thats ok with you, isn’t it Julia?”, I asked.

Julia was taking the last drink from the tall glass and handed it to me as she replied to my question. “Get me another drink like that one and you can fuck me on the dining room table, I don’t care”, she said. “Just hurry and come back here so we can start!”

I hurriedly fixed her another drink and returned to the den. Her finger had now been replaced by two of Jim’s fingers and Mark was busily sucking on one of her nipples. After taking a long deep drink she threw her head back on the couch and moaned, “Somebody kiss me! Kiss me deep!” Jim accomodated her, and I smiled as I watched the drunk slut run her tongue deep into his mouth as she hunched her hips against his hand.

When Jim broke the kiss he stood to remove his clothing, and Julia’s hand brought the glass to her lips once more. Mark, noticing the empty cunt below his gaze pressed his own hand to it, just barely beating Julia as her own hand flew to the terribly empty yet so hungry hole between her legs.

“God, look at that cock!”, Julia moaned hotly as Jim stood naked before her. She leaned forward quickly and slid the head of it into her mouth, sucking on it eagerly. Jim placed his hands on either side of her head and began stroking his fuck meat in and out of her.

Mark took advantage of this opportunity to remove his clothing and when he was naked I helped him reposition our slut’s body so that he could fuck her from behind doggy style while she ate the dick in her face.

His thick meat entering her dripping hole brought a deep grunt from Julia and her hips began circling, grinding her cunt deeper and deeper onto his long dick. Pressing Julia’s face against his crotch so as to not allow his cock to slide from between her lips, Jim sat down on the end of the couch, pulling her with him, as Mark continued to pound his member into Julia’s pussy from behind.

She was in heaven, I knew. Two nice strong young cocks poking her from both ends and two heavy sets of balls just full of cum to feed her. I just hoped that she wasn’t so drunk that she would be unable to remember what was happening to her. I was getting so turned on myself that I was beginning not to care how drunk she got or how many men she fucked as long as she just kept it up. I motioned to Jim to let me at her mouth, and as he pulled his dick from her I held her chin up and poured more of the vodka into her. Once she had swallowed it I returned her head to Jim and he continued fucking it.

Going to the door of the den I looked out and motioned to Cindy, the cute little blonde who was Jim’s date, encouraging her to come join us. She was unaware of what was happening until she entered the room and smiled broadly as she watched her date fucking the submissive slut’s mouth. “He found a slut to fuck, I see”, she said, smiling. “Where is your slut?” she asked, looking at me eagerly.

I pulled Cindy to me and replied hotly, “In my arms, sweetie. In my arms.”

It was quite easy to slip the whisp of a dress that Cindy wore from her young body. She wore nothing underneath, something I had noticed earlier as I had observed her. The two men had traded places and now had Julia on her back, Mark feeding his dick into her mouth and Jim plugging her between the legs.

I bent Cindy over the couch and pushed her to her knees, pressing down on her head until Julia’s tits were in her face and began fucking her from behind as I watched her begin to suck on the tit nearest her. She was a good fuck, not as good as Julia, of course, but quite adequate. Her pussy was nice and tight and she seemed to enjoy the nipple between her lips almost as much as the dick in her cunt.

“Fuck her ass, mister!”, Jim said hotly as he continued to fuck his dick in and out of Julia. “She loves it up the ass!”

Taking his lead I withdrew my now wet dick from the young blonde’s middle hole and slowly worked it into her asshole. She did indeed seem to have a preference for ass-fucking, and began grinding her tail back against me as I fucked her deeply. I felt her hand graze my balls as she moved it between her legs to fill the empty pussy that was throbbing with desire.

Suddenly Mark began grunting and I could tell he was spilling his fuck into Julia’s mouth. When he had finished he turned slightly and pulled Cindy’s face away from Julia’s hard nipples and wiped his dick against her lips. Seeing Julia’s empty mouth made me ache to feel it around my cock and taking my dick from Cindy’s asshole I knelt over Julia and slipped the ass-scented meat into her cum filled mouth and began fucking her with a steady rythym. I could feel her tongue licking at my dick and watched with a smile as her nostrils flared in her attempt to smell the young blondes ass on my cock.

Frustrated by her empty pussy and the limp dick in her face, Cindy went back into the living room naked and announced loudly over the sound of the music, “Hey guys…Julia is taking dick in the den!” In almost no time the room was packed with people watching Julia get it, and Cindy was pawing at the crotch of a young man whose hardon was very evident through his pants. The onlookers evidently loved the sight before them and began cheering on the two sluts and joining in the reverie.

When I could stand it no longer I emptied my balls into Julia’s face and crawled off, only to find another eager man shoving his dick into her mouth. She was passed from man to man, fucking them in every possible way. They draped her over the back of the couch at one point and two of them somehow managed to get their dicks in her bottom at the same time, plugging both her holes with their long rods as her naked ass stood up in the air and as her head hung down toward the floor. One of the women that I didn’t know lay on the floor beneath her head and began hunching her naked pussy up into Julia’s face, pulling her mouth into her slit.

Three of the women left in a huff when their husbands began balling Julia, but most of the women took it good-naturedly and even joined in fucking some of the other men while their husbands were getting it from my slut.

Between fucking Julia myself and taking advantage of some of the other wet pussies in the room I lost track of the time and was surprised when the party finally wound down to discover that Julia had been continuously prodded for over four hours. She slept like a baby that night, and happily was able to remember every detail the next morning, including the men’s names and the size of their dicks. She’s my kind of gal for sure. I can’t wait to see what she begs for next!

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