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I went over to my friends apartment to play cards while my wife studied. My friend is a fellow student and his wife is a tall blond that I lust over. Her tits are small compared to my wife’s but she has a really nice butt. When they called me to come over, I agreed but jokingly said only if we played strip poker. They laughed at the idea, but knew there was a little bit seriousness in my joke.

I arrived and was greeted at the door by a bubbly, bouncing, Lisa (my friends wife). They offered me a drink and we sat down at the table to play cards. I dealt first. I know many ways to cheat at cards and was going to use them all that night. My friend, Dave, saw what I was doing but didn’t say a thing.

I won the first hand and asked if [ ...continue reading "Encouragement" ]


Ellen and I have been married 8 years. We were visiting Florida’s west coast and had rented a beach house. We were washing our Porsche at the back of the beach house between the grass and the sand which led to the water’s edge, and Ellen was a bit piqued at me for suggesting that she date another man. I don’t know why I found the idea exciting, but she didn’t know how to take the suggestion. Our conversation was interrupted by an art student walking up from the beach. He was dressed in a khaki shirt with epaulets and had a sketch pad under one arm. He grinned, introducing himself as Greg. He had a shock of brown hair and was about 5’10” and was asking where the nearest fast food shack was. Ellen was in her white string bikini and bent just out of his sight to pick [ ...continue reading "Ellen" ]

Ebony Confessions Vol. 4 "Dark and Delicious"

I am a white guy of forty-six, now happily married with children. About fifteen years ago when I worked in the South, I was very good friends with a then nineteen-year-old black girl named Sarah. She was one of the prettiest black females I have ever seen in her face; shiny blue/black hair, great soft brown eyes, a sensitive mouth. She was slightly on the plump side, but in my opinion, it only made her more alluring.

About two times a week I would drop in on Sarah for the express purpose of going down on her. That girl was some of the best eating I have found, and she was wild about being eaten, too. That was all I ever did to her-giving her tongue baths and eating her cunt-and she playfully called me her “personal and private cunt eater” when we were alone, and in her own apartment downtown.

Her [ ...continue reading "Ebony Confessions Vol. 4 "Dark and Delicious"" ]

Sally the Stewardess

Back in the middle 60’s, I owned an apartment complex near O’Hare field which catered to airline personnel and expecially stewardesses. In those days, the stews were young and perky, not like the grandmothers who fly today.

We ran a courtesy car to the airport every hour and occasionally when we had more than a full load, either the building manager or myself would run out to pick up the overflow in our personal cars. On the night I will tell you about, I was ready to leave to go to a night baseball game at Sox park with my manager when I got the call from our driver that there was one stewardess at American Airlines he couldn’t pick up.

I hopped in my car and picked up Sally R., a very attractive freckle faced redhead. I wouldn’t call her beautiful, but she was cute as hell; average height, 5′-4 or [ ...continue reading "Sally the Stewardess" ]

In Robin's Jacuzzi

This is my first posting to this group after alot of reading. I just had to tell what happened when I went to my girl-friend’s house for christmas vacation. We’ve been dating for awhile, so I know her family pretty well. She is very close to her older sister who lives in the same town. Becky, my girlfriend, often hangs out there during the day while her sister’s husband is at work, so we went over one afternoon to relax in their Jacuzzi. Robin, Becky’s sister, greeted us when we came in. Robin is a little shorter and slimmer than Becky; where Becky has larger curves and large, heavy breasts, Robin has slimmer hips that run to a slimmer waist and smaller, but not small, breasts that sit up high and pert. I love women with large, sensual lips, and while Becky certainly qualifies in this respect, Robin has the [ ...continue reading "In Robin's Jacuzzi" ]


Trying to get the bicycle into the trunk wasn’t easy, but after several minutes of contortions and rethinking, I managed to slide it all the way in. By this time, my erection had subsided almost to bearable levels.

“Whew!” I said. “A tighter fit than I thought!”

She took one step closer and looked up at me. “Yes,” she said, then looking down at the bulge in my pants where my erection was eagerly returning. “That does look like a tight fit!” She looked back up again and smiled.

Blushing, I’m sure, I said, “Uh, well, yes.” Short pause. “Well, I guess we’d better get going!” With a lingering glance, she walked around to the passenger side of my car, but the door was locked.

“Oh, sorry!” I said. I jumped in and hit the power locks button. She climbed in, fastened her seat belt, and off we went.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked [ ...continue reading "Reorientation" ]

Red Cuffs

She lay in bed motionless. She had awakened a few minutes earlier, langourous, her body thick with sleep. Her first thoughts had been about her husband, how he had just left for two days and she didn’t remember kissing him good-bye, although she knew she must have. Certainly, she must have. There were certain conventions to adhere to. If even they began to deteriorate. The thought annoyed her. It hadn’t gone this far without keeping to some sort of routine. Or had he just crept out in the early morning, leaving her deep in her dreams about… She had dreamt of her lover and now her thoughts turned to her friend, the man she had, perhaps mistakenly, indulged with on her living room carpet…years ago. It wasn’t that it hadn’t been fun. Actually the thought made her frown and smile simultaneously. The look of shock on his face when she [ ...continue reading "Red Cuffs" ]

Rear Entrance

My wife recently underwent minor surgery and as a result, we had to cool our sexual relations. At first I said I could live with a abstinence and her nightly handjobs. But with each passing day, I felt hornier and hornier, like an eighteen year old. Luckily I was able to find some satisfaction and relief in the arms of Nancy.

She’s twenty and a sight for my sore horny eyes. As a receptionist, she’s more than capable on the job. As a casual sex partner, she’s above average. I’ve been an ass man for the the longest time and would get a thrill watching Nancy parade her pussy around the office. She always wears tight slacks and when I focus on the lines of her panties I just about bite through my lower lip. One night, she had agreed to help with extra paper work. As we talked, I told [ ...continue reading "Rear Entrance" ]

The Birthday Present

It was a hard relationship to describe. They had a lot in common – both were professionals working full time, both married, both having two children. But much of the similarities ended there, one was female, and a delightful one at that, but more on this later, the other male. Although they worked together they lived far apart. Since neither one could bear to hurt another their “romance” was not the textbook-type. Sandy and Jim sort of recognized that their lives were previously taken, but they still had a deep attraction and affection for each other. They enjoyed being together, whenever they could manage it, for the office wags would have a field day if their “relationship”, no matter how chaste, became public knowledge.

For a long time now Jim had been “romancing” Sandy with notes of undying affection and love and Sandy had been receiving the verbal love and affection [ ...continue reading "The Birthday Present" ]

The Picture

What’s in a picture? Well, in the picture I cherish there is more joy and peace and love than any mere mortal like me should ever know. The picture I am speaking of is the imperfect image of the one I love. She is one of such exceedingly great beauty that it cannot be captured on anything by Man’s hand, but to me it represents her, and that is as near to heaven as I am likely to get.

But the picture, besides being an imperfect symbol of utter perfection, is exceedingly cloudy. The incidental fact that this exquisite creature of God does not love me, but another, sheds blazing insight into my dilemma – loving one who does not love you back – an age-old poignant story.

This is what happens to one who falls in love with a wonderful, happily married woman. First, there are the moments of exquisite joy [ ...continue reading "The Picture" ]