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Repair Man

Sleepily, she walked to answer the door. “Dishwasher Repair Man” said the voice on the other side of the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw a good-looking man in his mid-30′s. He smiled through the peep hole. God it’s early, she thought as she unlocked the door to let him in. She had thrown a robe over her nude body. She hadn’t even had coffee. “Come in,” she said. “Do you know what time it is?” “Nine a.m.” he said as his eyes moved to her long legs. Although she was barefoot, she was a good three or four inches taller than the repair man. “Would you like a cup of coffee” she asked. “Not right now — maybe later.” She directed him to the dishwasher, poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table across from him. As the man worked she noticed [ ...continue reading "Repair Man" ]

The Realtor

I was standing in front of the house waiting for the real estate agent to show up to give me the nickel tour and hear the typical pitch on why I should buy it. As I was about to look at my watch, here came the car. What I wasn’t expecting a 6’6” blonde who got out. Her breasts had to be about 40D, “What an Amazon”, I whispered to myself.

“Mr. Collins” she said shaking my hand. So strong a grip, it hurt a little.

“Yes, please call me Tom.”

“Well lets get started. I think you’ll find my tour a little different than most agents. Also I think you’ll be an easy sell once I get you inside.”

Up the side walk we went, she fumbled around in her coat pocket and got the keys and opened the door. It turned out to be no different a tour than any other, [ ...continue reading "The Realtor "Fantasy #25"" ]

Pizza Boy

I awoke at an earlier time than my usual 10:30 A.M., it was 8:05 A.M., to be precise. My lover had already left for work and I was so horny I could hardly stand it! My hands glided down to my sopping pussy and I could feel the juices already starting to boil. I rubbed my clit in a circular motion and concentrated on thinking how good it would feel to have my lover’s cock inside of me, and came in an instant. Yet, it still wasn’t enough! I got up and opened up the top dresser drawer, which contained some of my most silky undies, and my “other” friend. This 9 inch vibrator always could do the trick! I lay back down upon the bed and turned it on, even the slight humming of it made me crave it more. First, I put it upon my nipple of [ ...continue reading "Pizza Boy" ]

The Office Lunch

We had been seeing each other for some time now. I should say, literally, seeing, as it was as harmless as that. I was deeply and passionately in love with Sandy, but she, alas was married. Although she knew how I felt, for many months now we had just been having casual lunches. A while back we would go out to various parks and have nice comfortable talks. I enjoyed several foot massages and some hand massaging to release tension. Once I even massaged her back. And several time we shared a most delightful, but chaste and platonic hug. We both knew that there was more to our feeling than these “encounters” and we each, in our own way, hungered for more. But we were loyal, at least, physically loyal.

The an unfortunate happenstance caused us to forgo our “outings.” We were forced to limit ourselves to the local office grounds. [ ...continue reading "The Office Lunch" ]

The Lawyer

Mrs. Garr was an extremely attractive woman in her mid-20′s, and I was handling her legal suit……. “Mrs. Garr, what company are you insured by ?” I asked her. “Do you find me attractive, Mr. Tade?” she asks me in return. “excuse me” I reply, knowing full well what she had asked me. “You heard me”she tells me, beginning to lick her lips. “well, yes, but anyway..” “Well, I find you very attractive” she tells me in her throatiest voice. Suddenly, wishing I never had entered the law profession I sheepishly smile, and try in vain to remember where I was in questioning her. Mrs. Garr then stood up, removing her coat, and revealing a very low-cut dress.

“Stand up!” she ordered. Feeling very wobbly in the knees, I nonetheless obeyed. “Do you want to FUCK me?” she asked staring lustily into my eyes. I swallowed hard and answered “YES”. [ ...continue reading "The Lawyer" ]