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For My Pretty

There you are leaning over your art desk working on your projects,
you have been hard at work all day and are looking forward to when
your boyfriend arrives. You are concentrating on a layout, when you
notice a familiar smell waft past your nose.
You feel him gently press himself against your back, not allowing
you to straighten up. He gently slips a hand up your sweater and down
under your undershirt. He begins gently rubbing your stomach with his
warm comforting hand. He is rubbing you so gently that all you can feel
is the movement of the little hairs, he is so light. While rubbing your
stomach with that hand he slowly slips his other hand down your pants.
He starts gently kneeding your buttocks with the one hand while
the other hand still gently massages your stomach. As he lovingly
squeezes your ass you realize [ ...continue reading "For My Pretty" ]

The Forest

Walking along the trail I reminisce about all that has
passed between us. Your body striding next to mine a
constant reminder of the delights that we have shared —
and will share again. Time
has been kind to us both. We are comfortable with each
other — each knowing and trusting that the other will
never betray us nor make demands that we cannot meet.
And, as that trust grew, so did the rapture, until now
… we can be together so completely that even the quiet
time is stimulating.

The forest offers so many varieties of sights and
sounds. We have sought, and found, the area where
humanity seldom traverses. The shade of the tall trees
around us prevent the suns rays from being harsh, the
air is warm. The scent of nature permeates our
nostrils. There is a freshness that makes it seem as
though we are the only two in [ ...continue reading "The Forest" ]

One Summer Night

While taking a hike in the fields near my summer cottage
one night, I came upon her sleeping under the stars.
She was lying on her back, fully exposed to nature with
her legs slightly apart. I paused and gazed at her loveliness
for several minutes. Quietly I kneeled down and crept close,
careful not to disturb her rest.

Taken by her charms I kissed her toes, gently. Softly, I
licked her toes, one by one. Kissed them lightly and while
she stirred, she did not awaken. Lovingly, I placed kisses
on her ankles and gently up her legs. As if she knew what
I was up to, her legs parted further but she remained asleep.
I continued moving my lips up her thighs, massaging softly with
my tongue and almost imperceptibly, saying “mm!”

As my mouth reached her pubic mound, I brushed my whiskers upon
her triangle. She moaned softly. I slipped my tongue inside
her pubic lips [ ...continue reading "One Summer Night" ]

Desert Fantasy

lt (This fantasy, along with another more “subtle” one, was
sent to me for use in the SIG on CompuServe, but the uproar
it caused when posted in the database was unbelievable
because too many thought it was to explicit. What’s your
reaction to it?)

It is afternoon in the desert when my lover and I meet. The
sun is cruel, unyielding in its effect. We can but clasp
hands as we meet; it is far too hot for any closer contact.
Yet in our eyes can be seen the passions that drive us to
this place. Words would distract; they are not employed.
Each knows the other’s fire as an extension of one’s own,
flames hotter than the desert this summer day.

As we open the door to our motel room, the sensation of chill
disorients completely. The past hours of the drive have all
but convinced us that there is nothing in this place but heat.
But just beyond [ ...continue reading "Desert Fantasy" ]

Part 2 " Dreamy"

Lying in your arms, secure, satisfied. I turn and
gently kiss you. No words are needed. We know. We
love. Our giving has been received. Our reception has
been given. We are replenished. A deep feeling of
peace enfolds us and carries us to dreamland where
there is only dreams of love [ ...continue reading "Part 2 " Dreamy"" ]

Part 1 "Dreamy"

The rising sun bathes the room in brilliant, warm reds
and golds. The silence is punctuated only by the
chirping of birds. I feel your presence so close to
mine. I listen to your rhythmic breathing as you wander
in the world of dreams. Peace wraps me securely. I
turn in your arms to gaze upon your sleeping face,
my mind storing each feature for future memories of this
time we have had together. Fully cognizant that today
we must part not knowing when, if ever, we shall be
together again, I want to absorb as much of you as
possible; to have the [ ...continue reading "Part 1 "Dreamy"" ]

Aphasian Nights – 1-3

Part One

Martin Prescott first became aware of the new girl at his high school when he ran into her on his way to his chemistry class – literally. He was talking to his friend, Anton, and had not been paying attention as he rounded the corner, and found his face solidly implanted into a pair of firm breasts, the warmth of which he could feel even through the thin t-shirt that the girl wore. “Mmmmmfh!” he exclaimed, then backed away as quickly as possible. As he did, he looked up at the girl he had run into. Martin, in his junior year, already stood 6’4″ tall, yet the girl stood almost a foot taller than he. Her skin had a light caramel tone, and lots of it was exposed, given that she was wearing blue jean cutoffs and a t-shirt that did not quite cover her slender, well-toned midriff. “I’m [ ...continue reading "Aphasian Nights – 1-3" ]

Next Door Neighbors 2

I had never cheated on my wife before, but never before had I had an opportunity like this. My next door neighbor, a divorcee of 36, was naked from the waist down, bent over the sink, and begging me to fuck her brains out. Her pretty pink pussy was pulsating in anticipation of feeling my shaft slide deep inside her body. I made up my mind and stepped forward, placing my feet between her spread legs. Pulling my pelvis back, I put the tip of my cock into the warm wetness between her legs and, after a few teasing very short strokes, drove the entire length of my cock into her cunt, my balls banging on her clit as I bottomed on her cervix.

“Oh God! It’s been so long. I want you to stay inside me forever. I almost forgot how good it feels to have a man inside me. [ ...continue reading "Next Door Neighbors 2" ]

Traffic Jammin'

Another Hot Wife Tale

Damn this Beltway! God damn this stupid Beltway! I had just finished a double shift at the hospital. My relief was a Dear, showing up a little early, and letting me get out of there sooner than I expected. I was exhausted but still keyed up, and I wanted to get home and shower. But first, I had to pick up the girls at my mother’s and stop and get something for dinner. Of course, the air-conditioner in the car still didn’t work, but it was only about 98 degrees in the shade, anyway!

I debated which way to go and had the bad luck to get on the Beltway and get caught in a dead-stop traffic jam.

Usually, at four in the afternoon, the Beltway traffic was slow, just starting the after-work rush hour, but it moved. Today, the traffic was at a complete stop. My guess was [ ...continue reading "Traffic Jammin'" ]

Bus Fantasy

I see you every week on this bus, and have wanted to approach you for a long time. But I don’t, because the only reason I’m interested in you is to fuck you, and I’d never betray my boyfriend to do it. If only he wasn’t living in another state right now…

So every week I sit a few seats behind you…you sit in one of the senior citizen seats and chat with the bus driver, so if I sit in the first seat that faces forward, I have a great view. It’s a long bus ride late at night, so we’re usually the only two on it, and you get off only a few stops before I do.

When I get home, I go to bed and fantasize about having sex with you. First I prepare myself for bed, brushing my teeth and washing my face just as I always do. [ ...continue reading "Bus Fantasy" ]