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Next Door Neighbors 2

I had never cheated on my wife before, but never before had I had an opportunity like this. My next door neighbor, a divorcee of 36, was naked from the waist down, bent over the sink, and begging me to fuck her brains out. Her pretty pink pussy was pulsating in anticipation of feeling my shaft slide deep inside her body. I made up my mind and stepped forward, placing my feet between her spread legs. Pulling my pelvis back, I put the tip of my cock into the warm wetness between her legs and, after a few teasing very short strokes, drove the entire length of my cock into her cunt, my balls banging on her clit as I bottomed on her cervix.

“Oh God! It’s been so long. I want you to stay inside me forever. I almost forgot how good it feels to have a man inside me. [ ...continue reading "Next Door Neighbors 2" ]

Traffic Jammin'

Another Hot Wife Tale

Damn this Beltway! God damn this stupid Beltway! I had just finished a double shift at the hospital. My relief was a Dear, showing up a little early, and letting me get out of there sooner than I expected. I was exhausted but still keyed up, and I wanted to get home and shower. But first, I had to pick up the girls at my mother’s and stop and get something for dinner. Of course, the air-conditioner in the car still didn’t work, but it was only about 98 degrees in the shade, anyway!

I debated which way to go and had the bad luck to get on the Beltway and get caught in a dead-stop traffic jam.

Usually, at four in the afternoon, the Beltway traffic was slow, just starting the after-work rush hour, but it moved. Today, the traffic was at a complete stop. My guess was [ ...continue reading "Traffic Jammin'" ]

Bus Fantasy

I see you every week on this bus, and have wanted to approach you for a long time. But I don’t, because the only reason I’m interested in you is to fuck you, and I’d never betray my boyfriend to do it. If only he wasn’t living in another state right now…

So every week I sit a few seats behind you…you sit in one of the senior citizen seats and chat with the bus driver, so if I sit in the first seat that faces forward, I have a great view. It’s a long bus ride late at night, so we’re usually the only two on it, and you get off only a few stops before I do.

When I get home, I go to bed and fantasize about having sex with you. First I prepare myself for bed, brushing my teeth and washing my face just as I always do. [ ...continue reading "Bus Fantasy" ]

Fantasy Fuck

Breakfast is over…your husband is off to work, and the kids have left for school. You sit quietly at the kitchen table finishing the last cup from the coffee pot…daydreaming about nothing in particular…getting ready to start another weekday.

The doorbell rings once, startling you from your morning trance. You rise slowly from the table, wondering who it might be. As you walk from the kitchen to the front door you think “what a sight I am, hair all mussed, in an old robe and worn slippers…well the hell with it, whoever it is they probably don’t look much better than I do.”

Quickly you run your hands through your hair and down the front of your robe, smoothing out the wrinkles as best you can. Standing on your tip toes you peek through the security viewer in the door. You can see the head and shoulders of a man in a [ ...continue reading "Fantasy Fuck" ]

California Dreaming

When Cato returned to the bedroom about twenty minutes later, obviously refreshed, he found them still lying there tangled in the bed sheets. “So you started without me, eh, and now I suppose no one’s interested in the final innings?” In the same teasing tone, Branwyn answered: “Oh, I think you might still be accommodated….” Whereupon he sidled over to the bed and sat leaning against the headboard, legs apart, his thick cock already showing signs of renewed [ ...continue reading "California Dreaming" ]