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Allison's Diary

Allison’s Diary – Part I, or:

”Allison’s Adventures in the World of Photography” June 16: Dearest Diary, I’m so sorry to have been neglecting you lately. I’ve just been so busy, That’s all, what with finding an apartment and a job and moving and all, I just haven’t had time to do anything else. Wow, is St. Louis ever bigger and more hectic than down home in Paducah! But I’m starting to find my way easier now, and my new job looks like it’s going to be real neat, so I think it’s going to be a fun summer and I’ll be all settled in when design school starts next fall. June 17: Well I started my new job today, Diary. I’m working in a Jiffy Print photo shop over near the airport, Lambert Field. I know it’s just a small start for an aspiring fashion photographer, but still, a girl [ ...continue reading "Allison's Diary" ]

A Nurse for Monica

As I dialed the phone I wished I had been able to call Donna earlier in the day. There was no gaurantee that she would be at home, and if not my plans for the rest of the evening would be foiled. I was soon smiling, however, as Donna’s sweet voice answered the phone.

“Hello.” “Donna, how are you this evening?” “MASTER!!, what a pleasant surprise! I’m fine thank you! Ohhh, how glad I am you’ve called! I’ve thought about you all day!”

“Good girl!”, I replied with a smile. “Are you busy tonight?” “No! I’m never busy when you want me, MASTER!” “I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been wanting you to meet my wife, Monica, and I was hoping you would come over tonight and let me introduce you to her.”

“Does your wife know about me, MASTER?” “Not yet, Donna, and thats one thing which will make the evening so [ ...continue reading "A Nurse for Monica" ]


(FM, Oral, Anal)
This story in no way represents the real person Barry Windham and is entirely fictional.

Everyone in wrestling knows that Barry Windham is gay, it’s no big deal since a lot of the wrestlers are gay. Barrys’ father, Blackjack Mulligan, has been a friend of my fathers for many years. I have always called Barry my sixth big brother. I have managed my brothers for quite a while and really needed a break from them; my brothers are more than a little overprotective of me, when Barry came to my father with a proposition. Sting, on of wrestlings’ biggest stars, had asked him to come to WCW to help get Lex Lugar back on the straight and narrow. Barry helped Lex out when he first broke into wrestling in Florida and was his first tag team partner. He had been getting very full of himself and leaning far on [ ...continue reading "Barry" ]


When she joined the party, he thought he was dreaming. But he took another look, and prayed to God that he was awake. She was standing in the doorway. She wasn’t that tall, but she was beautiful. She had short, blond hair and beautiful eyes. (He couldn’t tell what color they were from where he was standing.) She had the most gorgeous smile. That wasn’t all, though: she had large breasts that gave his cock a twitch. “This babe has a body on her,” he thought. She stood there for a moment, just looking around. Then she motioned to someone outside, and in walked a beautiful redhead and an even better looking brunette. The blonde had on a red skin-tight satin-look jumpsuit. The redhead wore a tight yellow tanktop which accented her jutting nipples, and shorts which showed off her curves beautifully. The brunette was in a tight denim [ ...continue reading "Fantasex" ]

My Sexual Biography – A Story of Firsts

Everything depicted below, be it places, names, characters, expressions or opinions, are fictional and is to be regarded as fiction. Similarity between aforementioned places, names, characters, expressions or opinions and real events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

The contents of this material is in no way intended to be derogatory, demeaning or humiliating towards any of the sexes or any kind of sexual behaviour. Neither are the use of specific words meant to be derogatory.

Criticism, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, requests and in fact, ALL kinds of feedback, are greatly appreciated. ………………………………………………………………..

My name is Jon Van. I am a 47 year old bisexual male. The following stories are the highlights of my sexual self-discovery. I hope that you enjoy reading about my sexual self-exploration as much as I did living and writing about it.


My first sexual experience was with George when I was 16 years old. George and I had been best buddies [ ...continue reading "My Sexual Biography – A Story of Firsts" ]