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When she joined the party, he thought he was dreaming. But he took another look, and prayed to God that he was awake. She was standing in the doorway. She wasn’t that tall, but she was beautiful. She had short, blond hair and beautiful eyes. (He couldn’t tell what color they were from where he was standing.) She had the most gorgeous smile. That wasn’t all, though: she had large breasts that gave his cock a twitch. “This babe has a body on her,” he thought. She stood there for a moment, just looking around. Then she motioned to someone outside, and in walked a beautiful redhead and an even better looking brunette. The blonde had on a red skin-tight satin-look jumpsuit. The redhead wore a tight yellow tanktop which accented her jutting nipples, and shorts which showed off her curves beautifully. The brunette was in a tight denim [ ...continue reading "Fantasex" ]

My Sexual Biography – A Story of Firsts

Everything depicted below, be it places, names, characters, expressions or opinions, are fictional and is to be regarded as fiction. Similarity between aforementioned places, names, characters, expressions or opinions and real events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

The contents of this material is in no way intended to be derogatory, demeaning or humiliating towards any of the sexes or any kind of sexual behaviour. Neither are the use of specific words meant to be derogatory.

Criticism, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, requests and in fact, ALL kinds of feedback, are greatly appreciated. ………………………………………………………………..

My name is Jon Van. I am a 47 year old bisexual male. The following stories are the highlights of my sexual self-discovery. I hope that you enjoy reading about my sexual self-exploration as much as I did living and writing about it.


My first sexual experience was with George when I was 16 years old. George and I had been best buddies [ ...continue reading "My Sexual Biography – A Story of Firsts" ]

Dream Evening

Melissa moved away from my cock. Conceding defeat to Denise’s more skilled tongue? My wife then swallowed me, and began giving me what I loved to receive! Then I saw Melissa’s wet pussy lowering itself onto my face once again! While Paul fucked my wife doggy style, and Denise was blowing me, Melissa was grinding against my probing tongue! This went on for another minute or so, until Paul and I were moaning with simultaneous orgasms! His cum overflowed Denise’s pussy and began running down her inner thigh! Once again, I thanked God for [ ...continue reading "Dream Evening" ]

Double Trouble

It was late as I had worked four hours at the office after normal closing time. I also stopped at my favorite pub and had two quick beers.

I jumped on the Interstate to head home. About five miles down the road I thought the beers had gone to my head as it looked like I was seeing double. There along side the road were two ladies both blond, tall, and well built.

As soon as they saw my car approaching they started waving like they were in trouble. I naturally, being the nice guy I am, pulled over to the side of the road. They both approached my window as I rolled down the glass. Sure enough they were twins. I could not have told them apart except for the clothes they were wearing.

They introduced themselves as Sheri & Sandi and were they ever knock outs. As expected, they had car [ ...continue reading "Double Trouble" ]


I live in a suburban community adjacent to one of the nation’s largest western cities. It’s a compromise: I’d live farther out but then I’d have to leave *really* early in the morning to get to work downtown. Even so, I might consider getting farther away from the urban sprawl, but I’m divorced and I got the house; my ex moved back east and took the savings account. So I stay.

More specifically, I live between two cops and across the street from another, a fact which does *not* make me feel particularly secure. On one side is a retired suburban cop. He has serious problems with both his back and his drinking and he doesn’t get out much, though his rather dumpy wife is out there fiddling with the soaker hoses in good weather.

Across the street is a retired German cop from Chicago who moved here to be near [ ...continue reading "Neighbors" ]


God, it felt so good to be away from home. A dorm room to share with one other girl. And her sister right here in campus.

The few weeks Sue had been home had been unbelievable. She wondered if Sue realized the tiger she had unleashed. It seemed like the only thing she had on her mind any more was sex. She couldn’t get enough.

Her roommate was a mousy little brunette named Pam. Not bad looking, just very shy and withdrawn. Denise sometimes wondered if Pam even knew what sex was.

Well, maybe she did. She seemed interested enough when Denise mentioned some of her own exploits since school started.

It had been a very satisfying night. Joe knew what he was doing. He’d eaten her to several climaxes, then fucked her to several more. Her pussy was still full of his cum and she could still taste it from the blow job [ ...continue reading "Denise" ]

Debbie does DECA

Debbie Does DECA, Day 1

In high school, Debbie had originally joined DECA in order to get out of school early. That way she could drop by Brad’s and ride his cock, to her heart’s content, before his wife got home from work. Then it would be off to work, as a cashier at a local supermarket. Before she knew it it was time for her DECA group to attend state competition. Three days of boring tests and dumb role-playing exercises, but the great thing was there were thousands of teenagers there all looking for a good time.

The first night, there was an opening ceremony, that just dragged on. Debbie’s mind stared to wonder, as she came out of her fantasy, she noticed the guy beside her. He wasn’t that bad looking so she decided to have a little fun. She placed her hand on his knee and after a squeeze [ ...continue reading "Debbie does DECA" ]

Deb and Teresa

I want to tell you about my first meeting with the young lady that was in the last video we sent to you. Deb met her a few months ago and they hit it off right from the start. They get together every so often to enjoy the pleasures that only two women can give each other and from the stories Deb tells me afterwards they do enjoy themselves. Anyway Deb asked Teresa if she would consider an evening of fun and pleasure with the both of us. Teresa wasn’t too sure about the idea but Deb assured her that she would have the final say so and that if she only wanted me to watch then that is all I would do. So it was agreed that we would meet for dinner and get acquainted and see where things led from there. We met at a very nice restaurant [ ...continue reading "Deb and Teresa" ]

David's Summer Job

David mopped his forehead of the droplets of sweat that dripped into his eyes. It was hot — the middle of July — and he was busy cleaning and scrubbing the beach snack shack at the Indian Lake Resort.

David’s Dad owned part interest in the place, and that’s how David ended up as a go-fer, clean-up person and lifeguard. The pay wasn’t much, but he enjoyed meeting the vacationers, and he especially liked his lifeguard duty.

David had been a competition swimmer in high school. He liked the water, and he liked being with the guys. Sometimes he even thought he liked looking at the guys in their tight swimming trunks. He’d never fool around with a guy, he thought, but looking wasn’t a crime, was it?

Outwardly, David was your typical All-American stud, chasing girls and discovering how good sex feels when you’re young and strong and always ready.

So far this [ ...continue reading "David's Summer Job" ]

Crystal's Next Fantasy

Another Custom Fantasy

Crystal and I were sitting on the couch in the living room of my beach condo, watching adult video tapes. She had brought them over that evening and said she wanted to see what kinds of things I liked in them.

Crystal was sitting between my legs as we watched the porno films. Of course, about ten minutes into the first one, my cock had gotten hard and the little darling was having fun rubbing her back against my boner. I was stroking her beautiful red hair with one hand and cupping a breast with the other. She had the remote control and was fast forwarding through the tapes to find scenes she wanted me to see. Occasionally she would jump up and change tapes. She was scanning through a tape when I saw a girl-girl scene flashing past.

“Whoa, I want to see this!” I told her. The [ ...continue reading "Crystal’s Next Fantasy" ]