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Bi Sexual Marriage

My wife Joyce and I have what we believe is a unique but not altogether lifestyle. It wasn’t always so but during our third year of marriage Joyce began talking about how she thought it would be fun if we invited another man into our bed. At first I was a bit put off by the idea but over a period of about three months Joyce convinced me that it would be for our psychical excitement and not an emotional attachment. Finally I consented to allowing her fantasy. In reality she had me excited about seeing her with another man and I think I was looking forward to the experience as much or more than she. We discussed who we could invite and immediate ruled our friends. Finally we decided to see if she could find someone in one of the local lounges. The following Friday night Joyce dressed in [ ...continue reading "Bi Sexual Marriage" ]

My Bisexual Experiences, Number 1

This text file contains a description of my first bisexual experience which has been expanded from the text of a message I wrote on THE DUNGEON.

One of my first bisexual experiences involved a quad, which consists of two couples having sex with each other. I was on a double date and both couples were really plastered from the two days of partying after graduation. For anonymity my date’s name was Julie, and the other couple were Tom and Harriet.

We were parked on an old dirt road in the middle of the night near a very shallow creek. Julie and I were in the back seat making love while Tom and Harriet were in the front seat doing the same. Being in the middle of the summer it was getting VERY warm in the car. It was so warm that fog was clouding the windows and everyone was sweating profusely. [ ...continue reading "My Bisexual Experiences, Number 1" ]

Chapter 2

We walked along the beach for hours. I spoke from my heart to Annie. I found her to be someone with whom I felt real intimacy. I told her that, and she smiled as if the feeling were mutual.

“Do you love Jeff?” I asked. “Not really!” she replied.” I do enjoy his company. He’s generous, funny and very sexy. Also, he shares my uninhibited attitude toward sex. But love, no! How about you with Jim?”

I thought for a long moment and finally answered. “I’d assumed I loved him, but after last night I don’t think I do. I just have the feeling that with someone like you I could become much closer than I ever could with Jim and maybe any guy. Maybe I’m a latent lesbian?”

Annie smiled and said “Don’t let it scare you. It doesn’t make you a lesbian, it doesn’t make you anything except what you already [ ...continue reading "Chapter 2 "Annie"" ]

Chapter 1 "Annie"

Annie and I met when we were dating guys who happened to be best friends. We’d double dated several times and got along with ease. Annie is 27 years old, about 5′ 5″ with stylish blond hair. She’s trim and without doubt her face and ass are her best assets. Her features are smooth and defined, like her personality. We both enjoyed dressing sexy, and participating in the sexual banter that the guys were always running. From what Jim, my boyfriend, told me, both Annie and Jeff were pretty wild. He said he was fairly sure that they had sex with different partners, and that Annie was bi-sexual.

The four of us had gone away for a weekend at the beach. After a great day we all went out to eat and make the rounds. When we got back to our beachside motel we went to Annie & Jeff’s room for [ ...continue reading "Chapter 1 "Annie"" ]

Allison's Diary

Allison’s Diary – Part I, or:

”Allison’s Adventures in the World of Photography” June 16: Dearest Diary, I’m so sorry to have been neglecting you lately. I’ve just been so busy, That’s all, what with finding an apartment and a job and moving and all, I just haven’t had time to do anything else. Wow, is St. Louis ever bigger and more hectic than down home in Paducah! But I’m starting to find my way easier now, and my new job looks like it’s going to be real neat, so I think it’s going to be a fun summer and I’ll be all settled in when design school starts next fall. June 17: Well I started my new job today, Diary. I’m working in a Jiffy Print photo shop over near the airport, Lambert Field. I know it’s just a small start for an aspiring fashion photographer, but still, a girl [ ...continue reading "Allison's Diary" ]