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The Campout

Janice felt Elsa pinch her nipples just as Janice’s hands had begun to move towards them. Her pussy squeezed, her stomach tightened, and she pushed her chest forward. Elsa knew the way to please her, and Janice was enjoying every second.

Diane had moved over to watch, running her hand over Elsa’s beauti-ful behind that stuck up. Janice looked at the small blonde, and she looked at her small breasts with their hard nipples.

“Let me suck your nipples.” Janice heard herself say to Diane. The blonde moved up, leaning over to let Janice taste her nipples. They were firm and warm, small buds that resisted softly. Diane moaned her enjoy-ment and Janice sucked one hard. The flesh was soft, and firm, almost taut, so small were Diane’s [ ...continue reading "The Campout" ]

Under the Stars

Charlene really started sucking me, giving me a very sloppy, slutty blow job. Then I found out why she’d been rubbing her pussy so much. With her slippery wet hand, she grabbed my cock and began sliding her hand up and down, using her juices to make it feel like a very tight pussy. The tent filled with the scent of our bodies, heavy sex, and cum. Charlene stopped and brought her face close to mine. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”, she said in a soft, husky voice. She kissed me, then licked down from left nipple to my cock, leaving a damp trail on my skin. She looked back up at me, then whispered around my cock. “Fuck my mouth. Give me your cum.” It [ ...continue reading "Under the Stars" ]


With that Jim brushed the head of his still soft cock across my lips and I opened my mouth to receive it. I milked it with my lips and felt it stiffen in my mouth. Soon he was completely hard, and pumping his dick in and out of my face. I was still on my back and he was spread-eagled over me, fucking my face with a vigorous abandon. Therese moved down and straddled my hardening cock, stuffing it deep into her pussy. She moaned words of encouragement to Jim, telling him to fuck my face good while she squeezed and played with his [ ...continue reading "Camping" ]

California Dreaming

When Cato returned to the bedroom about twenty minutes later, obviously refreshed, he found them still lying there tangled in the bed sheets. “So you started without me, eh, and now I suppose no one’s interested in the final innings?” In the same teasing tone, Branwyn answered: “Oh, I think you might still be accommodated….” Whereupon he sidled over to the bed and sat leaning against the headboard, legs apart, his thick cock already showing signs of renewed [ ...continue reading "California Dreaming" ]

Butterfly People

Albert Carling looked up as his secretary came into the office. Barbara Trini was the perfect image of the executive secretary. Poised and tall, she moved and spoke with complete self-assurance and had the knack of taking control of whatever situation she found herself in. And she was not too damned bad- looking either.

This morning, Carling noted that she looked especially good, wearing clothes that were subtly out of character for her. At first glance, she was merely a well-dressed, well-coiffered woman with a somewhat regal bearing. As she moved, however, Carling noted that she wore a moderately sheer white blouse with a very sheer seamless bra beneath it. Only when she drew her shoulders back did the dark shadows of her nipples become visible.

“Good morning, Mr. Carling.”

Her shoulders went back proudly and he looked at the dark shadows staring at him. And just as quickly, they were gone.

“Good morning, [ ...continue reading "Butterfly People" ]