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The Bride

Sarah looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. She was proud of the way she looked in her wedding dress. The glossy white satin clung to her slim figure, emphasizing the curves of her breasts and hips. The floor- length dress was sleeveless and backless, comfortable for the hot August weather, but still modest. It was a modern dress, with no lace or bows, and with straight lines and only a slightly flared skirt.

She’d made the backless satin dress herself, and although she liked the dress, she was nervous about what to wear under it. It was too hot out for pantyhose, although she knew that was what her mother would wear under the circumstances, and she’d just taken off a pair of panties when she discovered that their outlines had shown clearly through the clinging white satin. As she debated what to put on under the dress, [ ...continue reading "The Bride" ]

Brenda's Secret

Joey and Brenda stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall together to his off-campus apartment. Finally, after dating the small but well-formed lady the entire semester, she agreed to a nightcap, and he was happy that he didn’t have to keep playing a game by her rules. He remained faithful in his pursuit, however, if only because he saw something in her he had never seen in any other woman he dated. Perhaps his interest was piqued by the thrill of the chase, since most of the women he ever knew showed no interest at all or were too easy for him.

“Who recommended that movie, anyway?” asked Joey, contemplating on the big screen disaster that made him the clown prince of the theater the entire evening.

“I have no idea,” laughed Brenda. “I still can’t believe you said those things in the theater.”

“Hey, if I’m [ ...continue reading "Brenda’s Secret" ]


Jim stood waist deep in the water and looked at Eva as she took off the light coverup she’d worn over her swimsuit. She rolled it up and set it on the sand, then stood and looked out over water. A wave broke around Jim, almost knocking him over, and when he looked back at her, she was standing at the edge of the water grinning at him. As he watched his wife, Jim wondered why he’d never taken her to the beach before. They’d dated for two years before they got married, and they’d been married a year and a half now, but this was the first time.

She was beautiful, standing there wearing only three small triangles of cloth. It was late August, and the water was as warm as it ever gets in the Great Lakes. Jim relaxed in the cool water, [ ...continue reading "Bodysurfing" ]

Black Suede

I had been excited about going to the party for at least a week. It was a big one, the last before I graduated, and all my friends were going to be there. As usual, I “dressed” for the party, wearing things that I would never wear under normal cir- cumstances.

I wore the black suede mini-skirt, so soft that it practi- cally *invites* people to touch it, with tempting zippers down the sides. The shirt was the red, silk almost-but-not-quite see through one, another garment that begged to be touched. Shiny black pumps added a nice sway to my walk, unusual since I almost never wear heels. A read sash tied around my neck (with the knot on the right, of course!) added the finishing touch.

Well, I thought it was the finishing touch. He didn’t. He pulled out the ankle cuffs – simple [ ...continue reading "Black Suede" ]


You know what’d be nice? To be asleep in bed with you… to feel your warm body pressing against mine, snuggled against you as I slept. No doubt I’d be dreaming erotic dreams from the feel of your body, and I’d wake, hungry for you. But I wouldn’t want to wake you abrubtly and demand sex from you, no matter how willing you’d be to give it to me. I’d want you to wake as slowly and pleasantly as I did. So at first I’d gently stroke you back, careful not to do it too lightly in case I tickled you. Then my hand would move lower, to your hips, and I’d place gentle kisses on your shoulders.

As you slowly awoke, my hand would become more assertive, and I’d start stroking your penis and balls. You’d snuggle closer to me with a sigh of [ ...continue reading "Bliss" ]


The floorboards of the old building creaked and groaned alarmingly as I returned to the room, having spoken to the restaurant manager and ensured a quiet table. His eyes had told me that he saw through my pretense, but that he was content for us both to maintain the polite fiction, to account for two people of such diverse ages together. Frankly, I didn’t care what he thought, and suspected that he was jealous, so I was smiling a little smugly to myself as I opened the door to our room.

The self-satisfaction was replaced with a leap and gasp of suprise as I saw Jenny waiting for me. The black of the clinging evening dress set her tan off to perfection, and made her blond hair gleam in contrast. For a few moments, I was content to simply stand and admire the spectacle, then she dodged nimbly [ ...continue reading "Bitter-Sweet" ]

Birthday Present


”Because of this,” I said, as I pushed your hair aside and
began kissing your neck. ”And this,” as my fingertips began brushing
ever so lightly up and down your back. I continued across your neck
with my kisses, and ran a finger down the ridge of your spine. You gave
a light shiver.

”Cold? Maybe I should stop and cover you up…”

”No, don’t do that. I think you’ve got a better way to warm
me up.”

”Hmmm. Could be — we’ll give it a try, anyway. How about
this?” I asked as I moved back and began nibbling your left ear.
You let out a small moan. ”Interested in more?” I asked.

”You might just continue and find out…”

”Now that’s an invitation if ever I heard one. How’s this?”
I moved down below your ear, and began kissing [ ...continue reading "Birthday Present" ]


The rain falls gently on the window pane, and you sigh. Each droplet makes a trail of water as it runs down the glass. The dark, grey sky clouds your thoughts as well as the light, and you leans on your hands on the windowsill. Your boyfriend promised you a nice, quiet, secluded picnic, and now nature has made its own plans, and it doesnt include your happiness. Once more, you sigh.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and you open it to find your boyfriend there, flanked by his roommate and best friend, both of whom are comically attired in white dinner jackets, bow ties, and white silk towels draped over their arms. You wave them in, and immediately the two friends enter the room, and clear a space on the floor.

One of them disappears outside the door again, and brings in a beige blanket, and a [ ...continue reading "Birthday" ]

Bike Race

For Lois Daniele

Each time she pushed with her legs, she felt the pressure decrease
on her pussy. The movements had been continuous for some time
now. The control was all hers. The rhythm of the movements she
was making were driving her crazy. She pumped faster, drove her
body higher.

It was a perfect fit between her legs, allowing both her pussy and
her clit to feel the effects of her movement. She was so wet that
she almost lost control as she slid across it. She had known it
would be good before she started. Even [ ...continue reading "Bike Race" ]

Best Friends

Sarah and he had been best friends ever since they both could remember.
Whenever one of them had a problem, the other was always there to help.
Over the years, they had become very close, and had developed a trust that
few can claim to know. They were a team, and their friendship was a given,
never doubted or questioned.

Lately, Sarah had been having problems with her boyfriend, and was
coming to him more and more often for help and advice. On more than one
occasion, she would be crying uncontrollably. She found solace in his arms,
and quite often remained there for hours on end, while he caressed her and
made her feel better. Soon, she began to become more and more confused.
She felt a great deal for her boyfriend, and yet she looked forward to being
with Joel whenever things went wrong, and that confused her. Once, she
even went [ ...continue reading "Best Friends" ]