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Ashleigh–1932, Part Two

The following evening the big Lincoln drove up right on time and when I entered the backseat I found Ashleigh with her dress pulled up to her waist and three fingers in her cunt. As soon as I sat down she fell to her knees in front of me and began tearing at my zipper as if she was starving for dick. She sucked me like crazy until I shot my load into her mouth and then sat quietly beside me, her dress pulled up and her head on my shoulder.

“I’ve missed you so much, Master!”, she said earnestly. “And I have missed you too Ashleigh. But this time you’ve been away from me has been important for you to have. You may always beg, of course, but you must trust me to know when you can have what you crave so deeply.”

“Oh, Master…I do trust you! But I hope [ ...continue reading "Ashleigh–1932, Part Two" ]

Ashleigh–1932, Part One

The following story is one I found in my grandfather’s files shortly after my father’s death. Why my father never shared them with me, I don’t know, but I expect he also thought that he had managed to keep his interest in submissive women a secret, which he had in fact failed to do. I came across several of his adventures as well, which I will share with you someday. Hope you enjoy this story about my grandfather and Ashleigh. -o-

It wasn’t an ordinary Lincoln. Big Roy had spent more than enough on it to have bought a much flashier car, but it was important to him that it not attract too much attention. The casual observer wouldn’t notice the burgundy leather upholstery or the walnut and ash trim that graced the inside of the big sedan, but Big Roy took great pride in the interior as well as the [ ...continue reading "Ashleigh–1932, Part One" ]

Aphasian Nights – 1-3

Part One

Martin Prescott first became aware of the new girl at his high school when he ran into her on his way to his chemistry class – literally. He was talking to his friend, Anton, and had not been paying attention as he rounded the corner, and found his face solidly implanted into a pair of firm breasts, the warmth of which he could feel even through the thin t-shirt that the girl wore. “Mmmmmfh!” he exclaimed, then backed away as quickly as possible. As he did, he looked up at the girl he had run into. Martin, in his junior year, already stood 6’4″ tall, yet the girl stood almost a foot taller than he. Her skin had a light caramel tone, and lots of it was exposed, given that she was wearing blue jean cutoffs and a t-shirt that did not quite cover her slender, well-toned midriff. “I’m [ ...continue reading "Aphasian Nights – 1-3" ]

Amplifier, The – A Mind Control Fantasy

Jerry Gilman yawned and wiped his face with a towel. He stared blearily at his watch. Slowly, his eyes focused on the face. 2:30 A.M. He carefully put down the soldering iron and stared at the device on his bench.

The Amplifier didn’t look like much. A tangle of wiring and integrated circuits. In the center was one of the new room-temperature superconducing chips. He’d had to scrounge it from the University’s Supplies Department…well, he thought…steal it, really.

The idea had come to him one day as he worked on his PhD thesis. He was working on a double doctorate, Cognitive Science and Electronics. His thesis had to do with ‘coupling’ to brain signals. Originally, he’d expected the work to lead to better EEG machines.

But a breakthrough had happened. Jerry had realized that there were two sides to communicating with the brain. And the new superconductors…He had been working like a fiend [ ...continue reading "Amplifier, The – A Mind Control Fantasy" ]

Debi's Surprise

It’s the third time I have tried to call you this afternoon … no doubt you have been out having hot sex with some of the men you know. But this time, you answer the phone.

“Hi Debi!” I respond with happiness in my voice. “It’s Lloyd.”

“I know that!” you reply, equally happy. “I know your voice. And it’s good timing … I just got home.”

“Yeah, I know … I called you a couple times over the past couple hours … I wasn’t sure when you’d get back …”

“Well, you know me when it comes to sex!” you say cheerfully and with a seductive lilt to your voice. “As long as there are men, I want to keep going … and keep them cumming! And guys just kept showing up this afternoon! I tried calling you at your hotel room before I left to see if you wanted to join me, [ ...continue reading "Debi's Surprise" ]