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New Neighbors – Chapter 3

(A quick recap: Jimmy and Dana have moved into a new condo, and found that the neighborhood is quite the swinging one. They’ve met Mike and Barbara, who’ve introduced them to some new sexual treats. In Chapter 2 they went out to dinner where the ladies gave them blow-jobs under the table. Now they are near the end of dinner and…)

The food was excellent, the conversation interesting, the ambience just right. Dana and Jim found that they were not just attracted to this other couple, but found them to be worthwhile friends as well. Jim admired Barbara’s ability to let go, and to take on different persona based on her makeup. Earlier he had seen her as a sexy lady, he’d heard from Dana about her getting into the role of victim, he’d seen her dressed as a French maid, and now she had an oriental air of mystery about [ ...continue reading "New Neighbors – Chapter 3" ]

New Neighbors – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 “The Restaurant”

(Recap: This is a continuing story about Jimmy and Dana, who are newly moved into an adult swinging complex. They have met Mike and Barb, and Barb’s teenaged niece. After some indoor and outdoor shenanigans, we pick up the scene at dusk…)

Jimmy awoke later to the tune of “Happy Birthday” being sung by Mike, Barb, and his wife. The second thing he was aware of was that he was lying on one of the lounge chairs on the patio without any clothes on. The third thing he became aware of was that his cheeks had burned slightly in the late afternoon sun and were a bit tender. He sat up on the side away from the singers but facing the blonde teenager who was drowsily awakening on the lounge chair next to his. She too was equally naked, but her tan had evened out and didn’t [ ...continue reading "New Neighbors – Chapter 2" ]


Jim walked into his classroom the first day of classes, and promptly turned around. Everyone was a girl! He began to think that he was in the wrong place, so he left the room – or tried to at least. The teacher called after him, “Can I help you?”

Jim shrugged as everyone in the room looked right at him. “I’m looking for room 306,” he said.

The teacher, a pretty TA, waved him in. “Come in,” she said. “This is it.”

Jim walked in, and shuddered as all of those eyes watched his every movement. As he walked up the stairs, he made eye contact with a few of the girls who stared at him. About halfway up, he noticed one girl who had the eraser of her pencil in her mouth. Her eyes never strayed from his, as she snaked her tongue around the red eraser, her saliva causing it to [ ...continue reading "Classroom" ]

Cindy's Party

Well since I logged on here my mail is going crazy with all of your lusty typings…I LOVE IT!!! So here for all of you is my newest and favorite fantasy and it includes all of you that have written to me.

As all of you know I love to masturbate while being watched, and have the watcher join me before it all said and done with. So I would have a party with all of you there just to watch me!

It would start like any other party only I would greet you all at the door wearing a corset of red with black lace, a nice little pair of red see thru panties, garter belt, hose (probably black with a seem), and 4″ heels. I would greet you all with a long deep wet kiss and then show you to the bar area for some small talk and to get [ ...continue reading "Cindy's Party" ]


It was winter, and the two of them were staying with a friend who had her own apartment. The house was chilly, and they had talked late into the night. As Julie went into the bathroom to change for bed, he and Sara quickly held each other and kissed. They scarcely had time for a gentle taste of one another before slipping out of their warm things and into night dress. He pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a shirt. She giggled, noticing how poorly they restrained him, and pushed him gently under the covers. She pulled on a long nightshirt that fell to her knees, suspended in a long cascade from the tips of her breasts. She was setting their things aside as Julie returned, in a button-down flannel shirt and sweatpants. Julie’s eyes made a brief contact of Sara’s behind as the latter slipped into [ ...continue reading "Embers" ]